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Adrian Cockcroft

Netflix, Director, Web Engineering

Author and Distinguished Engineer Adrian Cockcroft previously worked at Sun and eBay Research Labs, and is currently managing a web development team for Netflix. He has prototyped advanced mobile phone and Skype based applications, and is a member of the Homebrew Mobile Phone club.

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Amit Desai

Dial Directions, Inc., Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Amit Desai is a veteran innovator in user interfaces for wireless, phone, and speech recognition products. An accomplished software entrepreneur and visionary, he has successfully launched three companies whose solutions are in wide public use, and employed by Fortune 2000 companies in retail, travel, healthcare, and other industries. Leveraging his expertise in user interface and speech recognition technology, Desai continues to design and develop innovations that bridge the gap between the online and mobile worlds through voice-activated location-based services.

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Anders Carlius

TerraNet, CEO / Founder

Anders Carlius is the CEO and founder of TerraNet AB in Sweden. TerraNet AB has developed a unique and patented wireless peer-to-peer technology that enables users to speak on their mobile phone handsets without need of mobile phone base stations, antenna installations or infrastructure. Anders has a background from Spray (High speed internet), routing and switching development. He thrives on mixing technology and entrepreneurship.

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Andrew Perlman

Vringo, General Manager, Senior VP Content & Community

Andrew is responsible for Vringo’s American operation, global content relationships, and partnerships with online and mobile communities. Before joining Vringo in 2006, he was Senior VP at Entertainment Rights, plc, licensor of over 8,700 video titles. He has created digital licensed products and services for ER's brands including Godzilla, Transformers, Rocky and Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and created comarketing campaigns with Alltel, Cingular and Sprint. Andrew has B.A. from the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University.

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Ben Lilienthal


Ben Lilienthal is a highly-regarded entrepreneur & innovator in the Internet industry. Mr. Lilienthal is experienced spotting market needs and executing successful sales and distribution strategies around them. Mr. Lilienthal founded Vapps, Inc. with his partner, Jerry Norton in 2003. Prior to launching Vapps, Mr. Lilienthal founded Nascent Technologies, where he identified an early opportunity for web-enabled email and solely raised the capital investment to expand the company’s sales, marketing and software development efforts. In May 1999, Mr. Lilienthal sold Nascent to CMGI, which was subsequently acquired by Sendmail Inc. in 2001.

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Benoit Schillings

Myriad Group AG, Chief Technology Officer

Benoit Schillings is Chief Technology Officer of Myriad Group AG. In this role he is responsible for the company's technology strategy and focus on innovation. Prior to joining Myriad, Schillings held the position of Chief Technologist at Nokia. There he was responsible for Nokia's cross-device technology and Technology Advisor to Nokia's CEO. Schillings joined Nokia following their acquisition of Trolltech. Schillings is probably best known across the industry for his innovative work on the Be Operating System where he was a principal contributor to the launch of Be Incorporated, and designed, developed and implemented the technically acclaimed Be Operating System.

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Blaine Cook

Twitter, Founder

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Boaz Zilberman

Fring, Chief Architect

Bob Frankston

Frankston Innovating, CEO/Consultant

Bob Frankston may be best known for writing VisiCalc. He has been working on online services and networks since 1966 and while at Microsoft initiated the home networking effort. Since then he’s focus his attention on a post-telecom model that builds on the Internet dynamic to achieve connectivity from the edge rather than the center.

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Brian Capouch

Saint Joseph's College, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Brian Capouch is an assistant professor and chair of the department of computer science at Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana. He also operates a small wireless ISP. He has taught two college classes and given presentations on VoIP and Asterisk. Currently he is restoring a 152-year-old railroad hotel.

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Brough Turner

netBlazr Inc., Founder

Brough Turner is a communications industry engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of, a startup working to change the landscape for broadband Internet access in the US urban areas. Previously Brough was co-founder and CTO of Natural MicroSystems and NMS Communications and advisor to iSkoot, Stargen and several other tech start-ups. He writes and is quoted widely on telecommunications topics in trade and general business publications. Since 2001, Brough has focused on the wireless infrastructure and mobile applications. Brough blogs on the technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.

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Christopher Allen, Founder

Christopher Allen is one of the leaders of the iPhone developer community. He is one of the founders of iPhoneDevCamp and oversees its Hackathon, is co-author of "iPhone in Action:Introduction to Web and SDK Development", published by Manning. A longtime entrepreneur & technologist, Christopher is also a leader in social software and was one of the authors of TLS, the next-generation SSL protocol.

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Crick Waters

Ribbit, Co-founder, SVP Strategy and Business Development

Crick co-founded Ribbit on the simple premise that voice has value, and thatvalue is in the application of voice. The convergence of computers andtelephony has been ongoing for some years ­ the fusion of voice, computers,and web applications is the new ³value frontier² for telephony. Cricklead¹s Ribbit¹s strategy and business development in order to empowerdevelopers in this new frontier to bring the value of voice to theirindividual markets.

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David Isenberg, Founder

David S. Isenberg spent 12 years at AT&T Bell Labs until his 1997 essay,"The Rise of the Stupid Network," was received with acclaim everywhere in the global telecommunications community with one exception -- at AT&T itself! So Isenberg left AT&T in 1998 to found, LLC (an independent telecom analysis firm based in Cos Cob, Connecticut) and to publish The SMART Letter, an open-minded commentary on the communications revolution and its enemies.

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David Recordon

Six Apart, Open Platforms Tech Lead

David Recordon is Open Platforms Tech Lead for Six Apart, the largest independent blogging company in the world. Recordon has played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of key social media technologies such as OpenID. In 2005, Recordon collaborated with Brad Fitzpatrick in the original development of OpenID, which has since become the most popular decentralized single-sign-on protocol in the history of the web. During a year and a half at VeriSign, Recordon played an active role in refining and evangelizing OpenID, bringing it from an experimental technology to one that's been endorsed by major companies ranging from AOL to Microsoft, and implemented for over 120 million identities on the web. Recordon's history with open source software and open standards stretches back to the beginning of his career, when as a sophomore in high school he volunteered his time to lead an open source message board project with over forty members worldwide. This interest led to his co-founding of a message board hosting provider that still services tens of thousands of users around the world, and that he has since sold. Recordon was recently recognized by Google and O'Reilly as the recipient of a 2007 Open Source Award for his efforts with OpenID and is the youngest recipient in the history

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David Troy

Distilabs, Inc., CEO

David Troy is a serial technology entrepreneur and community builder based in Baltimore, Maryland. He founded a regional ISP and hosting provider in 1995 which he sold in 2004. From 2004 through 2008 he worked on developing and implementing open source voice-over-IP solutions for a number of companies in the United States, South America, and Europe. In 2008 he decided to return to his roots in Baltimore and help entrepreneurs get more connected. He founded Distilabs, inc. with former AOL executive Matt Koll in 2010. The company is developing a portfolio of Internet products, including and

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Dawn Nafus

Intel, Anthropologist

Dawn Nafus is an anthropologist at Intel where she conducts research to inspire new products and strategies. She received her PhD from University of Cambridge in 2003 and has published on time use, technology and masculinity, and new methods for using anthropology in product development. She spends most of her time making sense of how it is people come to value the stuff that geeks do. She is currently writing a book on whether technologies actually make us any busier.

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Dean Bubley

Disruptive Analysis, Founder

Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm. An analyst with over 16 years’ experience, he primarily specialises in mobile, wireless, networking, and telecoms fields, with further expertise in certain aspects of the software and semiconductor sectors. His present focus is on wireless technology, especially the evolution of mobile device architecture & software, fixed-mobile convergence, IMS, wireless VoIP, shifts in service provider value chains, enterprise mobility, in-building technologies, femtocells, spectrum policy, wireless broadband, and the integration of cellular and WLAN technologies. He is also the author of the Disruptive Wireless blog, found at

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Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath

Yahoo! Brickhouse, Hacker

Rabble is a hacker who works at the Yahoo! Brickhouse project. He's currently working on Fire Eagle, a location broker platform. He likes asterisk, rails, ruby, and making trouble.

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Fabrizio Capobianco

Funambol, CEO

All Sessions Featuring Fabrizio Capobianco:

Gabriel Sidhom

Orange-FT Group, Awaiting...

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Gary Miner

MIR3, Inc., OEM Senior Executive

Gary Miner serves as Business Development and OEM Manager at MIR3. He has been involved in the computer industry for 25 years. Mr. Miner heads up the Business and OEM Development functions at MIR3, Inc., the leader in SaaS-based Intelligent Notification systems. Mr. Miner has been actively involved with industry-specific trade organizations and is a frequent presenter at these forums.

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Imran Ali

Carbon Imagineering, Founding Partner

Imran Ali is a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based emerging technologies think tank which is incubating a number of startup projects - including coworking spaces, social TV and Islamic computing - as well as working with various clients in exploring early-stage technologies and social media. Imran was previously Deputy Director of Technology Research at Orange UK and helped to develop various R&D teams and units for Wanadoo and Freeserve. Also, Imran has been a programme advisor for both editions of O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony conference and blog as well as a former contributor to TechCrunch UK.

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Irv Shapiro

IfByPhone, CEO

Irv Shapiro, CEO/CTO of Ifbyphone has spent over 30 years driving technology innovation with a focus on data communications and networking. Irv began his career writing custom VAX/VMS device drivers for Digital Equipment Corporation, then founded Metamor Technologies, a two-time INC 500 award recipient, followed by Edventions, an elementary school infrastructure company. Following the sale of Edventions he founded Ifbyphone and developed its proprietary VoiceXML generation technology.

Irv is a member of the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, has a BS/CS from Washington University in St. Louis and is a regular speaker and writer on the application of technology.

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James Body

Truphone, CTO

James Body is well known in eComm circles in his role as Director of Research at Truphone, the innovative new mobile operator that offers services aimed at individuals with international life styles. Whilst still playing an active role at Truphone, his new position as CTO at Telet Research, a Northern Ireland based telecommunications consultancy has allowed him to explore a wide range of new and exciting areas of opportunity.

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Jeremy Toeman

Stage Two Consulting, Founder

As the founder of Stage Two Consulting, Jeremy Toeman brings over ten years of experience designing, building and marketing numerous award-winning products in the "convergence" space of new media. An expert in digital media and consumer technology, he is a regular speaker and moderator at trade shows and conferences. Jeremy pioneered whats now called "social media marketing" as Sling Media's Vice President of Market Development where he built the first online community for a consumer electronics product, and achieved phenomenal awareness across consumers, bloggers, and traditional press. Jeremy holds a B.S. in Economics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Jim Van Meggelen

Core Telecom Innovations, President and CTO

Jim Van Meggelen is one of the authors of O'Reilly's Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, and is currently at work on The Asterisk cookbook, also from O'Reilly. Van Meggelen is a partner in Core Telecom Innovations, a Canadian-based provider of open source telephony solutions, and iConverged, a US-based startup that is exploring how to bring Emerging Telecom to the Interconnect industry. He has over seventeen years of enterprise telecom experience, and has extensive knowledge of both legacy telecom and VoIP.

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Johannes Ernst

NetMesh, CEO

Johannes is founder/CEO of NetMesh, and a recognized leader in the user-centric identity management market. He serves on the board of the OpenID Foundation.

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John Waclawsky

Motorola, Chief Software Architect

John Waclawsky joined Motorola in August of 2005 as the chief software architect for the Motorola Software Technology Groups. He is also responsible for leading the Motorola Software team in concert with the Motorola Business Units, Labs, and the CTO organization in constructing unified software architecture for Seamless Mobility useful across Motorolas business units for coordinated product and solution development. His main architecture role is to guide the development of reference components that strategically leverages Motorola software assets and promote their large-scale re-use.

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Jon Arnold

J Arnold & Associates, Principal

Jon Arnold is an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy with a focus on IP communications. Previously, he was the VoIP Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan, where he was responsible for managing their subscription service for Global VoIP Equipment Markets. He is a regular speaker at VoIP and telecom conferences, including eComm, VON, Nextcomm, Internet Telephony, Pacific Telecom Council, NYSSA, Enterprise Networks, IT360 and the Canadian Institute.

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Jonathan Christensen

Skype, Vice President, Emerging Opportunities

Jonathan Christensen has more than 15 years of experience shaping strategy for the growth of IP communications in start-ups and world class organizations such as Skype, Microsoft, and Time Warner. In 2005, Jonathan co-founded Camino Networks where he was CEO. He is currently a senior member of the Skype team leading core technology development for audio and video, as well as initiatives for voice quality, network interconnect, and business adoption.

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Kellan Elliott-McCrea

Yahoo! Inc., Awaiting...

Kellan hacks Flickr where his mad fascination with syndication, messaging, easy sharing and open standards continues to push the social graph closer to sentience, and self-awareness.

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Ken Rehor

VoiceXML Forum, Founder

Ken Rehor is an engineering and executive consultant specializing in open telephony standards and is considered one of the industry's foremost experts in speech and telephony systems. He currently serves as chair of the VoiceXML Forum’s Conformance Committee and co-chair of the Speaker Biometrics Committee. He is co-editor of the VoiceXML 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 specifications. Mr. Rehor was named one of the industry’s 20 most influential people by "Speech Technology Magazine" for his pioneering work as principal founder of the VoiceXML Forum and is one of the original authors of the VoiceXML specification. Mr. Rehor has held technical and executive positions at AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent, Nuance and Vocalocity. He is a frequent speaker, published author and holds several speech and telephony system patents.

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Kevin Nethercott

LignUp Corporation, Founder, President and COO

Kevin is one of the industry’s leading experts in voice-over-IP. As founder and CTO of SkyWave, he pioneered the deployment of VoIP technologies, established the first operational VoIP network in Japan, and developed the first real-time VoIP billing engine. Nethercott led creation of the VoIP Forum of Japan and is a board director. With LignUp, he has brought to market the first true communications application server built from the ground up as a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Kevin is a popular speaker at VON, Emerging Telephony, Communications Developer Conference), Mashup Camp, VS Live! and AJAX World.

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All Sessions Featuring Kevin Nethercott:

Koushik Chatterjee

Embarq, Business Strategy Manager

Koushik Chatterjee currently works as a Business Strategy Manager at Embarq. In the past 8 years, he has worked at Sprint Long Distance and in the former Sprint Local division (now Embarq) in positions ranging from Engineer to Field Sales Manager. Embarq became a standalone company from Sprint in 2006. In 1999 he was appointed to the Atlanta 2000 Advisory Committee and also worked as a Website Consultant to Atlanta 2000 (a non-profit setup to celebrate the Millennium). Koushik holds a BSEE and MBA.

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All Sessions Featuring Koushik Chatterjee:

Lee S Dryburgh

Emerging Communications Research & Events, Founder

Lee S Dryburgh is a communications engineer, technologist and futurist. He pours great passion and energy into self-directed projects. He takes coffee and network bandwidth as input and outputs training, consulting and conferences. His expertise is in two domains: First - the way telecoms operates today at the engineering level; specifically Signalling System #7 (SS7/SigTran/CAMEL/MAP) which powers virtually all telephone calls, all SMS, cellular mobility itself, and most pre-paid cellular solutions. Second - exceptional knowledge of the future of telecommunications, in particular telephony. He can provide a detailed view of the industry in 1, 2 or even 10 year’s time.

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All Sessions Featuring Lee S Dryburgh:

Luca Filigheddu

abbeynet, CEO

Luca Filigheddu is a recognized expert in the VoIP market, bringing over 8 years of on-field experience in developing, managing and marketing solutions and technologies in the field of IP Communications. He joined Abbeynet on May 2000, as CTO, overseeing technical projects and various groups of researchers. In his current role as CEO - Technical Operations, and as a Member of the Board of Directors, Luca carries executive authority and is responsible for strategic marketing planning, Research & Development, business development, large accounts relationships, commercial negotiations and he oversees the planning of product deployment. Luca current interests range from Web-based VoIP services to web 2.0 marketing and social media. Luca graduated cum laude at the University of Cagliari, Italy, in Electronic Engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications.

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All Sessions Featuring Luca Filigheddu:

Marc A Smith

ConnectedAction, Chief Social Scientist

Marc Smith is a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. He founded and managed the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and led the development of social media reporting and analysis tools for Telligent Systems. Smith leads the Connected Action consulting group and lives and works in Silicon Valley, California.

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All Sessions Featuring Marc A Smith:

Mark Rolston

frog design, Chief Creative Officer

An early UX design pioneer, Mark was founder of frog’s digital media group back in 1996 and now orchestrates strategists, technologists, designers and information architects to produce groundbreaking work for Fortune 500 companies. His work focuses on the intersection of product, digital, and strategic design. Just like a real frog, he can see in all directions.

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All Sessions Featuring Mark Rolston:

Martin Geddes

Independent, Industry Futurist

Martin Geddes is a thought leader on business models in the telecommunications industry. He is formerly Strategy Director at BT Innovate & Design. He started blogging about the collision of the IT and telecoms industries in 2003. This was inspired by his work on a pioneering project at Sprint to adopt an ‘open’platform business model. This led to a deep interest and new career uncovering the drivers of telecoms industry structure. He has a special expertise in the impact of multi-sided markets, Cloud communications, and the future of vertically integrated products like telephony and SMS.

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All Sessions Featuring Martin Geddes:

Matthew S. Hamrick

Homebrew Mobile Phone Club, Co-Founder / Coordinator

Matt Hamrick is a software engineer and engineering manager specializing in information security for embedded platforms. He has worked for companies such as RSA Data Security, Certicom, Bell Canada, Borland, and Handspring, but is now concentrating on open source solutions for mobile wireless convergence devices through the Open Cell Phone foundation and the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club which he co-founded.

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All Sessions Featuring Matthew S. Hamrick:

Michael Codini

VoiceObjects, Inc., Founder

As a founder of VoiceObjects, Michael is responsible for defining the company's technology vision and strategy. Prior to joining VoiceObjects, Michael Codini lead the consulting organization for MicroStrategy Germany and later coordinated the development effort as Senior Program Manager for MicroStrategy's Intelligence Server, their flagship product in business analytics. Michael also held positions in IBM's Data Warehouse group. He has received a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

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All Sessions Featuring Michael Codini:

Michael Roth

British Telecom, Engineer

Michael Roth is a senior manager and consultant in telecommunications and data networking. He has broad knowledge and experience in data and voice technologies, services and products both in the United States and in Asia and South America.

  • Twenty five years of telecommunications and networking experience,
  • Designed and operated both voice and data networks in the US, Asia and South America.
  • Designed, engineered and implemented voice, data and video technologies for Wells

Fargo, American President Lines and CLOROX.

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All Sessions Featuring Michael Roth:

Michael Shiloh

OpenMoko, Director, Software Sourcing

With a background in hardware and software, a passion for tinkering, and a deep rooted belief in the benefits of Open Source, Michael was immediately drawn to the OpenMoko project. A community member from the moment he learned about the project in November of 2006, Michael joined OpenMoko in July of 2007. Michael Shiloh is responsible for supporting the OpenOoko open source community and for coordinating their contributions to the project. This includes passing information from the company to the community, suggestions and concerns from the community back to the company, and advocating for OpenMoko to the world at large.

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All Sessions Featuring Michael Shiloh:

Michel Bauwens

P2P Foundation, Founder

Michel Bauwens is the founder of the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives which researches and promotes peer to peer alternatives in all areas of social life. He is a Belgian national now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, animating a global cybercollective from this tropical mountain city which is at the epicenter of the Asian Renaissance. Before he was a serial internet entrepreneur in his native country, active in extranets/intranets, and interactive marketing.

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Nathan Eagle

MIT Design Laboratory, Research Scientist

Nathan Eagle is a Research Scientist at the MIT Design Laboratory and is co-founder of the MIT/Harvard Center for Large-Scale Network Analysis. He is currently involved in the creation of MIT's EPROM (Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles) initiative. With the help of corporate sponsors Nathan has established the project at MIT as well as in Kenya at the University of Nairobi where he is a Fulbright Lecturer, and in Ethiopia at the GSTIT where he is an Adjunct Associate Professor. Prior to joining MIT, Nathan spent a year in Nepal as a Fulbright Scholar. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

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Nitzan Shaer

Mobivox, COO

Nitzan Shaer brings to MOBIVOX more than 14 years of global business experience in the mobile and consumer software space. As Head of the Mobile Product Group at Skype, Nitzan led the development and marketing efforts focused on making Skype available on mobile phones. Prior to his tenure at Skype, Nitzan served as Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, where he managed the development of three emerging businesses in the company's Mobile and Embedded Division. Previously, Nitzan also managed Business Development and Marketing in Europe at Brightcom Technologies, a company focused on the development of Bluetooth applications.

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All Sessions Featuring Nitzan Shaer:

Norman Lewis

Open-Knowledge UK, Founding Partner

Dr Norman Lewis is a Founding Partner and Director of Open-Knowledge UK Ltd, part of Open-Knowledge Italy, one of the leading Enterprise 2.0 companies in Europe. Prior to this he was the Chief Strategy Officer for the Wireless Grids Corporation, USA. Prior to joining WGC, he was the Director of Technology Research for Orange, UK. Prior to this Lewis was the Director of Technology Research for the Home Division of France Telecom and of He was until recently, the Chairman of the International Telecommunications Union's TELECOM Forum Programme Committee.

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All Sessions Featuring Norman Lewis:

Paul Golding, Technologist

Paul is a globally renowned mobile technology and strategy veteran with over 18 years in the mobile industry. A holder of many wireless patents, Paul has implemented numerous wireless projects, including many industry firsts, and continues to innovate in the Mobile 2.0 arena. His 600-page book, "Next Generation Wireless Applications" (Wiley) is a best seller. Most recently, he was Chief Applications Architect in Motorola, where he also ran the "Mashing Room" to create various mobile mash-ups. He has held numerous mobile innovation workshops for operators all over the world and is also an expert in Mobile TV and media convergence. He is an expert member of the MIDP 3.0 community.

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All Sessions Featuring Paul Golding:

Peter Saint-Andre

Jabber, Inc., Director of Standards

Peter Saint-Andre is Director of Standards at Jabber, Inc. He has been contributing to the Jabber developer community since 1999. In addition to acting as Executive Director of the XMPP Standards Foundation he edited the XMPP RFCs and has authored numerous XMPP extensions.

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All Sessions Featuring Peter Saint-Andre:

Peter Sisson

Toktumi, CEO

Peter Sisson is a proven serial entrepreneur and VoIP pioneer, whose last VoIP company, Teleo, was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Peter has over 20 years of experience in the telecom and Internet industries, starting at Bell Labs in 1985, where he wrote operating software for office phone systems. Founder and Former President of Mixonic as well as Founder and Former CEO of He has been on the forefront of the Internet industry for years, and was named one of the top 10 "people to watch" by CNET.

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All Sessions Featuring Peter Sisson:

Phil Wolff

Reef9 Media, CEO/Managing Editor

Unbelievably dashing and charismatic, Phil Wolff is a technologist covering the talk revolution for the independent Skype Journal since 2003. A director of the DataPortability Project, Phil is helping define portability policy standards for online services. Phil is an alumnus of the US Navy Supply Systems Command, Compaq Computer, Wang Labs, Bechtel National, LSI Logic, and Adecco SA. Phil spoke at the first Emerging Communications Conference in 2008.

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All Sessions Featuring Phil Wolff:

Piotr Cofta

British Telecom, Chief Researcher, Identity and Trust

Piotr Cofta is a Chief Researcher, Identity and Trust in BT, responsible for research in convergent security and trust, specifically in trust, identity and privacy. Previously he has been working for many years for Nokia and more recently for Media Lab Europe, concentrating on the relationship between technology and society. Dr Cofta has recently published his book "Trust, Complexity and Control: Confidence in a Convergent World". He is an author of several publications and patents, contributor to several international standards; he publishes and speaks frequently. See for details.

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Ram Fish

Nokia, General Manager, VoIP Products

Ram Fish was appointed the General Manager of VoIP Products for Trolltech after Trolltech acquired his company, FONAV. Ram led FONAV as its CEO and founder. In 2008, Nokia acquired Trolltech. His previous roles include Vice President, Software Product Marketing at IXI Mobile (creator of AT&T OGO) and Chief Product Strategist for the Client Group at Openwave Systems. He started his career as a product marketing manager at PCSI, where he worked on the world's first mobile phone with Internet access. He received his M.S. and B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and his MBA from Yale University.

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All Sessions Featuring Ram Fish:

Rich Miner

Google, Group Manager, Wireless Platforms

Rich Miner has been developing innovative communications and interface-intensive applications for over 20 years and he has occupied a variety of high-profile technology development roles during that time. He is currently Group Manager of Mobile Platforms for Google, helping to build the Android platform. Rich joined Google through the acquisition of Android, a mobile software platforms company he co-founded. Prior to starting Android Rich was Vice President of Advanced Services at Orange, where he headed the group's R&D activities in North America.

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All Sessions Featuring Rich Miner:

RJ Auburn

Voxeo, CTO

In addition to being the driving force behind Voxeo's technology innovation and integration, Auburn is also the editor and chair of the W3C Call Control XML (CCXML) standard, co-author and editor of the W3C's State Chart XML (SCXML) standard, and an active leader on a number of other standards, including VoiceXML, Media Control, and SIP. Auburn is an acknowledged expert in the fields of voice recognition, call control, and call center integration, and has been working with and on next-generation telephony projects and standards since the age of 15.

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All Sessions Featuring RJ Auburn:

Rocky Nevin

DataSea, Inc., CEO

Rocky Nevin earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley exploring the connectivity and structure of sensory neurons and identifiable interneurons in complex behavior. He worked at IBM's Palo Alto Scientific Center, and later headed the Computer Integrated Manufacturing group at MicroUnity Systems Engineering, where he wrote the visualization and control software for its $100 million wafer fabrication plant. Using his thesis work as inspiration, he invented a new approach to computing and network modeling, one that more closely mimics human-like inferencing abilities to derive answers from a fusion of data sets.

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Rodrigue Ullens

Voxbone, CEO

Rodrigue Ullens is the co-founder & CEO of Voxbone. Previous to founding Voxbone, Rodrigue provided advice, trainings and seminars to European carriers such as Belgacom mobile, KPN, France Telecom, Orange, as well as to several European governments. He received a B.S of Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Louvain, Belgium.

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All Sessions Featuring Rodrigue Ullens:

Sam Aparicio, CTO

Sam Aparicio is Chief Technology Officer at and is responsible for the company’s strategic product, technology, and operations initiatives. From its origins, Sam has spearheaded the effort to turn into a world-class voice automation platform, addressing user needs with technology innovation. Under his product leadership, has grown its user base to more than 1,600 businesses and its revenue by more than 100% on a yearly basis. Prior to, Sam was a developer at investment bank Barclays Capital in London. He holds a bachelor's degree in Classical Studies from Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, U.K., where he specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

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All Sessions Featuring Sam Aparicio:

Sean O Sullivan

mySay and Dial2Do, CTO

As the CTO of mySay, Sean drives the company's technical strategy and vision. Before founding mySay, he founded Rococo Software, a world leader in Java/Bluetooth technology, whose software now ships on over 100M mobile phones. From a technical perspective, his interests are distributed systems and the space where the web meets the plain old telephony system.

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All Sessions Featuring Sean O Sullivan:

Shai Berger

Fōnolo, Co-founder & CEO

Shai is co-founder and CEO of Fonolo, a startup pushing the boundaries of web-telephony integration. Shai was previously at Keynote Systems (KEYN), where he lead the team responsible for Streaming Perspective, the industry standard for streaming performance measurement. Today, some of the world's largest companies (such as AOL, Akamai, BBC, CNN, and MTV) use that service to ensure that their content reach their audiences. Streaming Perspective is also the basis of Microsoft's certification program for Windows Media hosting companies. Formerly, Shai lead the Streamcheck team from its launch in August of 2000 until its acquisition by Keynote in July 2003.

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Sheldon Renan

Vision (+) Strategy, Principle

Sheldon Renan is writer and strategist who has been following causes and effects of the growth of ubiquitous connectivity. Initially a media historian and archivist, Renan is best known for his work branding and launching new technology services and companies. Long term clients have included Intel, Xerox, SONY, SAP and AT&T as well as recent start-ups, including Linkstorm and Wibiki. He was the founding director of the Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley, and served on the founding panel for Public Media at the National Endowment for the Arts. Sheldon Renan is graduate of Yale University.

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Shidan Gouran

Jazinga Inc., Co-founder/CTO

Shidan Gouran is a cofounder and CTO of Jazinga. He is the lead architect of Jazinga's disruptive consumer PBX offering. Prior to this Shidan hacked together a SS7 network in Canada, cofounded a provisional CLEC, developed a popular video on demand and DRM solution and worked as an I.T. Specialist at IBM. He studied Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Western Ontario.

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Shirish Andhare

Sylantro, VP Product Marketing

Shirish is passionate about conceiving and launching innovative applications at cusp of Web and Voice, and new business models that will deliver innovations faster to the end-user.

Prior to Sylantro, he was at Tellme Networks where he conceived and led the creation of advanced hosted enterprise services leveraging the Internet, speech-recognition, and the phone. His product line was the cornerstone of Tellme's growth and recognition in the Fortune 100 market. Before Tellme, Shirish contributed to the hands-on development at other pioneers in communications applications such as VMX (later Octel, Lucent, and now Avaya) and Vertical Networks.

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Simonie Wilson

Intervoice, Senior Speech Scientist, VUI Tuning

Simonie Wilson has worked in Speech and Voice User Interfaces for 12 years. Her career in Computational Lingustics has taken her from big companies like Microsoft and GM to startups, contracting and back again. With a Masters from Georgetown University, Simonie has participated in numerous conferences and workshops and holds a patent in Dialog Design. Her current focus is on Usability and Best Practices for these systems and the tools used to build and tune them.

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Stanley Chia

Vodafone, Senior Director

Dr. Stanley Chia is Senior Director, Vodafone Group R&D. He has been with the mobile communications industry for over 25 years and has held leadership positions in operation, technology, and strategy. Prior to joining Vodafone and AirTouch Communications, he worked for BT-Mobile, BT-International, British Telecom Laboratories, and SmarTone Mobile Communications (Hongkong). He is an internal senior technology consultant to the company with extensive international experience and is responsible for long range technology and strategic planning. He is Senior Member of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (US) and Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK).

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Stipe Tolj

Kannel Software Foundation, Chief System Architect

Stipe Tolj is Executive Officer and Chief System Architect of the Kannel Software Foundation (KSF). Previously being Chief Technology Officer of Wapme Systems AG, a german stock quoted pionier company in mobile wireless application technologies, dedicated Platform Mangager of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). He has been working troughout the last ten years in various strategic joint-ventures, including Nokia, Ericsson, Vodafone, T-Mobile and VeriSign for various mobile applications and infrastructure architectures

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Thomas Huhn

Solution Media, Founder and CEO

Thomas Huhn is founder and CEO of He made his way into the Identity 2.0 community by being the first OpenID evangelist in Germany and running not only, but also the international

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Thomas McCarthy-Howe

Jaduka, CEO

Recognized as an expert in the integration of real-time communications and business processes as well as one of the most influential voices in VoIP, Thomas Howe leads the Jaduka team. Howe has over 20 years experience in the design and development of next-generation communications solutions, and has held senior management and technical positions at several public and private companies, including Comverse, PictureTel, Aware, Versatel and Tangerine. Through his own consulting business, he has focused on a Web-as-platform approach to enhancing business processes. A sought-after speaker, Thomas has keynoted several conferences. He publishes one of the telecom industry's most popular blogs.

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Tim Higginson

Yuvee, Founder and President

Tim Higginson is founder and President of Yuvee, Inc. Yuvee specializes in user interfaces for next generation communication, computing and entertainment devices. Yuvee's core UI innovation is branded NeoKeys. This UI offers unique advantages, including that it is designed to enable the users' fullest experience across all applications and all languages; and that it works identically for both touchscreen and physical key devices. Tim has a multi-disciplinary background, including computer science and work on spacecraft at Hughes Space and Communications Group. He has a deep appreciation for technology, and an equally deep frustration with technology designed poorly.

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Tim Panton, Founder

Tim Panton has been a software developer for more than 25 years, working on a diverse range of projects, from chemical plant simulation to tourism web sites. He is also a contributor to open source projects, in particular GJTAPI a framework for implementing JTAPI (The Java Telephony API) and Westhawk's Java SNMP stack. In recent years Tim has been predominantly involved in Asterisk development and implementation, working closely with key industry players he has been championing innovative integration of voice technologies.

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Tony Nadalin

IBM, Chief security architect for IBM SWG

Anthony Nadalin is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and chief security architect for Tivoli Software at IBM. He is responsible for security infrastructure design and development across IBM Tivoli and Lotus divisions. Anthony serves as the primary security liaison to Sun Microsystems JavaSoft division for Java security design and development collaboration.

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