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The world's leading-edge communications event. It's designed to showcase and accelerate both technology and business model innovation; and to explore the latest opportunities.

Why eComm™?

We created the Emerging Communications (eComm) Conference & Awards to keep you head of the game and to connect you with the most influential, knowledgeable, innovative and visionary in the industry.

Major topics of America 2010 (so far) will include:

  • Mobile Augmented Reality; Applications, Advertising, Collaboration and Opportunities.
  • End of Telephony and New Voice Enabled Platforms
  • Communications-Enabling Business Processes (CEBP); Enterprise and B2C Efficiency.
  • M2M and P2P on Mobile Networks
  • New I/O Devices and Methods; Tablets, Touch Gesture, Wearable, Augmented Reality, Transparent OLEDs, 3D Mobile Displays Etc.
  • Connected Home and Car Revisited; in-car WiFi, Touchscreens, Adobe Flash Powered Dashboards, Voice Interaction
  • Open Platforms and Open Source
  • Connecting People, Places, Processes and Things; "Internet of Things"
  • Broadband and Telecom, Regulation and Policy Trajectories: The Next 3 Years
  • Mobile Advertising 2010: Location 2.0 and Privacy 2.0; Local Context, Social Context, Immediacy
  • The Great Telecom Restructuring: Threats, & New Business Models
  • Telecom Network APIs and Carrier Data
  • New TV, Video Platforms and Delivery Systems

Opportunities are exploding for those ahead of the game as drastic change rips thru the multi-trillion dollar a year telecom industry. Those being left behind are loosing ground and revenue. Changes include:

  • Telecom is Becoming Software
  • Today's Model of the Telephony and SMS Cash-Cows will Significantly dry up Long-Term
  • "Phones" are Becoming General Purpose Always-On Computers
  • A March is Underway to Change how Spectrum is Allocated and Utilised
  • Application Innovation is Being Democratised
  • The Media Industry is Converging with Personal Communications
  • Internet-Style Ecosystems are Starting to Pressurise the Traditional Value Chain
  • Search Engines and Computer Manufactures are Encroaching into the Space
  • App Downloads; Media Content and Even Communication Streams are Increasingly Routing-Around Operator's Billing Systems
  • The Telecom Kingdom is Fragmenting Daily

We pioneered the only independent communications innovation event. It's a thought-leadership event so we don't accept sponsor "pay-to-play" and insist stringently instead on a "brains-to-play" model.

Our independence can be trusted to keep you substantially informed and connected. By attending you'll experience an unmatched signal to noise ratio. Therefore please support this model by registering.

Why Attend America 2010?

The mammoth sized telecom industry - including cellular - is in the process of being re-written. You either stand on the side to be written into the past or instead join with the fast growing eComm community to write the future.

Don't miss spectacular opportunities to profit from the radical restructuring and from accelerating the development of how humanity connects, communicates and collaborates.

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