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Advancing AR - Beyond Labels

Ivan Franco, R&D Director, YDreams

Date: Wednesday, April 21

Time: 3:00 - 3:10 PM

Location: Salon E

Last year, Augmented Reality (AR) was widely hyped as the next big thing in information technology. Most of the applications we've seen so far are using the superimposition of data labels, in order to drive the Contextual Internet. But what about rich media? During the last eight years YDreams has been developing groundbreaking AR technology that will allow us to interact directly within movies, manipulate 3D structures or drive a virtual a car in a realtime sports event. All of these great applications will depend on a number of technology and design capabilities. But as computing moves to the cloud, these capabilities will eventually become platform independent and allow rich experiences to be processed through thin clients. This talk explores this issue and proposes a new vision for interactivity using AR.

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