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Designing For The Future

Julia Tsao, Experience Designer/Partner and Creative Director, yU+co/Fair Enough

Date: Monday, April 19

Time: 5:30 - 5:40 PM

Location: Salon E

Technology is getting better all the time--increasingly efficient, streamlined, faster, smarter. In our design and creation of technology and devices in our daily lives, we're often designing for scenarios of use, to better and improve the tasks we accomplish in our daily lives. As we stop and look around at the increasing technological marvels coming to market at a breakneck pace, we have to stop and ask ourselves: are we designing ourselves into a world in which we want to live? This talk takes a critical look into the future of display technology, explores the role of "useful" and "useless" in the design of everyday objects and experiences, and explores the possibility that our attitudes and relationships with technology and each other may be an invaluable starting point designing for the future.

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