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About eComm

About eComm

eComm represents a visionary community committed to innovation and directing the future of technology-mediated-communications at this critical juncture.

It is the benchmark for the industry and I do not see it being replaced anytime soon.

- Jack Rynes (Jaduka, America 2009)

It was established in 2008 by Lee S Dryburgh because of his strong dissatisfaction with existing telecom events. He believed they were avoiding the real industry issues and also missing the real opportunities for both transformation and growth.

Terrific experience... I've never been to a conference with a larger collection of innovative, disruptive and forward- looking ideas. Bravo!

- Michael Calabrese (New America Foundation, Europe 2009)

At the debut 2008 event he stated, "Industry talking to the industry type events had yielded nothing but consensual hallucinations. Yet the gap between what telecom operators are doing (or allowing) and what the innovation community could do, and where end users are taking us is ever widening. Communications innovation is being democratized. The winners will be those who embrace it".

By far the most efficient in conveying new, big ideas and information. Most conferences are afraid to disrupt the conventional wisdom - and sponsors. Not eComm. It's also the best size - large enough to network, but small enough to have an intimate, retreat- like feel.

- Michael Calabrese (New America Foundation, Europe 2009)

Highlights to date include:

  • Debut 2008 lanyard sponsor, Ribbit acquired a few months after for 105 million by British Telecom.
  • Debut 2008 first conference to cover and as well as strongly push both the iPhone and Android (with kind support from Google, pre-Android launch).
  • America 2009 lanyard sponsor, JaJah acquired a few months after for 207 million by Telefonica.
  • America 2009 critiqued American telecom regulation and policy.
  • America 2009 first to show off winners of the Android Developers Competition.
  • Europe 2009 critiqued financial underpinnings of the telecom industry.
  • Europe 2009 first to show off Google Wave (with kind support from Google).
  • America 2010 first to hold a commercial mobile augmented reality sub-conference.
  • America 2010 chairs included British Telecom's Chief Scientist and Google's Real Time Communications Group Product Manager.

Years ago, in 1982, I attended the Stanford Design Conference (it only lasted about 3-4 years) down in Palo Alto. This symposium was trying to blend design w/technology and provide a stage to show how both were inter-related. Back then I had only heard of Steve Jobs in passing and didn't realize that he was the Apple 'guy'. Needless to say, Jobs gave an incredible presentation that still resonates w/me today since his talk was about how important design was and was going to be in technology (this was 18 months prior to the introduction of the Mac). Your conference was the first since the SDC that was equally as informative and inspiring. Keep it up, the business and the industry needs forums like eComm.

- Platinum Sponsor (NEC, America 2009)

(The image on this page shows Stanley Chia of Vodafone speaking at debut America 2008 whilst the homepage shows Mark Rolston of frog Design speaking at Europe 2009)