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The Changing Face of Communications

Richard P. Nespola, Founder/Chairman/CEO, TMNG Global

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 8:50 - 9:20 AM

Location: Salon E

Category: Digital Economics & Business Models

The fundamental nature of communications is being redefined as network operators; device OEMs and other key ecosystem players compete to expand their service reach and influence. Advanced applications delivered via increasingly smart phones are fuelling the sector's growth and imagination. Opening keynote Rich Nespola will discuss how voice communications is reinventing itself as an application available over multiple platforms and networks. Through his review of recent activity by both established and emerging entrants in the larger voice ecosystem, he will provide insight into how Mobile has enabled new forms of communication outside of the traditional carrier voice/SMS model.
Specifically, Rich Nespola will cover the following points:

  1. The nature of communications is changing as network operators; device OEMs, and ecosystem players try to expand their service reach and influence
    1. Device OEMs and OS providers experimenting with and introducing mobile payments systems
    2. The growth of social networks has resulted in new communications formats and platforms
    3. Experimentation with OTT communications apps
  2. Mobility is becoming the heart of communications, as smartphones have enabled the growth of advanced applications
    1. Smartphone growth
    2. 3G/4G/LTE networks enable advanced services
    3. App stores have allowed new communications and messaging apps
  3. Voice is reinventing itself as an application available over multiple platforms and networks
    1. OTT business VoIP providers have proliferated
    2. Mobile carriers planning to carry voice over LTE
    3. Higher quality of voice demanded only by certain segments (HD voice for enterprise phone systems)
  4. Greater integration of social networking into mobile has enabled new forms of mobile communication outside of the traditional carrier voice/SMS model
    1. Facebook popular among mobile users, has a share of mobile traffic
    2. Integration into social networks (Bobsled) and next-generation messaging apps (Viber in-network calling)
    3. Mobile social networking applications could grow and be expanded to business
  5. Case Studies: Large Ecosystem Players
    1. Microsoft/Skype into all consumer (Xbox) and enterprise (Exchange Server, Outlook) products
    2. Google and Voice Search/Google Voice
    3. Apple and Facetime/iMessaging 
    4. Facebook
  6. Case Studies: New Voice Entrants
    1. HarQen: monetizes spoken voice content as a rich media asset 
    2. Twilio: allows voice to be integrated more easily
    3. Vivox: for social networks
    4. OTT messaging apps: Integration with contacts, in-network messaging

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