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Making Mobile Augmented Reality More Compelling

Ronald Azuma, Research Leader, Nokia

Date: Wednesday, June 29

Time: 4:30 - 4:45 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Technology & Engineering

Ronald Azuma, who did pioneering early work in Augmented Reality, will describe two approaches that his group at Nokia Research Center has pursued to tackle this problem.  The first is to exploit unique and powerful real locations.  We built a novel location-based experience, called The Westwood Experience, which combined Mixed Reality effects with a simple linear story that culminated at the grave of a well-known celebrity.  This experience contained high production values for a research project, incorporating an Emmy-award winning writer, a composer who won G4's award for best video game soundtrack in 2009, and a professional actor.  The Westwood Experience demonstrated that mobile experiences mixing real and virtual content can be more compelling by combining the new technology with professional content and powerful, evocative real locations.

The second approach is to explore tradeoffs between rendering and tracking.  We propose a new approach for generating an Augmented Reality experience, called Indirect Augmented Reality, which reduces the effects of tracking errors at the cost of additional requirements in rendering.  We built a sample implementation of this approach and performed a user study that showed strong user preference for the Indirect AR approach.  We believe an implementation of Indirect Augmented Reality is feasible in outdoor situations where there is no sufficiently robust, accurate and pervasive solution for tracking to support traditional Augmented Reality, and under such circumstances, Indirect Augmented Reality appears to provide the more compelling experience.

Augmented Reality has enjoyed a recent surge of commercial activity and interest, but as a technology to support new forms of media and experiences, it is still in its infancy, similar to the early days of motion pictures when audiences watched movies of moving trains and other effects.  To reach its potential in enabling new forms of media, Augmented Reality requires breakthroughs in technology, art, design and business models to enable new forms of compelling mobile media.

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  • Shai Levit

    How does AR recognize objects and populate the additional requirements for information relevancy?

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