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Katrina, Egypt, Libya and Japan and I: Crises of Communications

Aaron Huslage, Founder, Tethr

Date: Wednesday, June 29

Time: 2:45 - 3:00 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Products & Services

Recent natural and political crises have proven in many ways that connectivity to the Internet is no longer optional for vast swathes of people. These crises have many things in common. One of them has been a need for a common, easy-to-implement solution to create connected infrastructure when existing infrastructure has been compromised.

We will explore how each of these crises affected journalists, NGOs, medical workers, and others. We'll look at how the situations were dealt with both on-the-ground and elsewhere. What technologies were involved, what problems those solutions uncovered and how I think we can solve them for future events. I will be announcing a new solution to keep people connected anywhere, anytime and in almost any situation.

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  • Badr

    i'm very interested in hearing more about this!

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