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Voice 3.0: Emergence of Relevant Voice Platforms (RVPs)

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Founder, HarQen

Date: Tuesday, June 28

Time: 9:00 - 9:30 AM

Location: Salon E

Category: Products & Services

Kelly will use this keynote to highlight and demonstrate:

  • The emergence of Relevant Voice Platforms (RVPs).
  • The significant value being lost by discarding the voice after each call.
  • A possible economic paradigm shift set to occur behind telephony.
  • How making voice actionable leads to significant productivity gains.
  • How clarity, transparency and accountability will become embedded within the communication fabric and how this will have cultural and institutional ramifications. 

Today, a nascent sector of products, platforms and infrastructure is emerging to bring voice under data management systems, ushering in "Voice 3.0". 

The growth of this sector may play a crucial role towards the morphing of the telecommunications industry into the knowledge management industry. 

In order to understand why, we need to re-remember the value of the human voice and to realize that until now, it's been kept almost completely outside of the meteoric rise of information systems. 

Text is an antiquated technology born out of our need to transmit our voices across space and time. We have pushed text as far as it can go in its current form. 

Voice is the modality we opt for amongst many other competing communication means, when we need better intimacy, clarity, consensus and/or collaboration around complex ideas. Voice provides more emotional information than text and, unlike video, works across a broader spectrum of geographies, technologies, and bandwidth. 

We now expect information to be editable, shareable, retrievable, linkable, expandable and findable. Yet voice, our most trusted form of communication, has been excluded from such information management and as a result lacks the dynamism we've come to expect from information systems. 

By bringing voice under data management systems, communications become more frictionless and with it some barriers to cultural progress diminish (e.g. the ability to insert misinformation). 

Kelly will speak of the vision, the drive, to bring voice under data management systems, and the significant opportunities and benefits that it will bring.

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