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Evolution Of The Mobile Phone By 2020

Szymon Slupik, Futurist/Researcher, Independent

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 9:50 - 10:00 AM

Location: Salon E

Category: Concept & Futurism

Mobile phones today are becoming very powerful computers, or teleputers. But to fully exploit their computing power and connectivity, we will have to break free from the physical form factor of the tiny screens and keyboards, while still keeping the devices portable. A number of advanced technologies available today will help us shape the future of mobile phones. Inventions like MEMS-based laser projectors, able to display images directly on our retinas while not blocking our sight, will free us from tiny screens. Brain waves sensing technologies, aided by eye tracking will provide touchless input. By 2020 a mobile phone as we know it will disappear, evolving into a device linking our senses directly with senses of other people or with machines. 

On the heels of the hardware evolution will come the revolution of usage scenarios. We - humans - will be constantly connected to the machines in the Cloud. The machines will be fully aware of our context, receiving a continuous stream of what we hear and what we look at, supplemented by location and other sensory data. Based on that context the applications will be providing us back all sorts of information - hints, translations, guidance... And within people - to - people communications, we will be able to hear with somebody else's ears and see with somebody else's eyes. 

During the session I will present a vision and a concept of how a mobile phone will look like in 2020. It will not be a phone as we know it today, but still will be our primary communications device.

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  • Szymon Slupik

    I have uploaded the slides, here is the link:

    For those of you who were not in the room when I was presenting, Chris Jablonsky posted a very nice wrap-up of my talk at

    And I am happy to say the three days of this phenomenal conference reinforced my vision. It was a fantastic event and I am looking for the next one!

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