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Designing Technology Fueled Social Objects

Ellen Dudley, Co-Founder, CrowdScanner

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 4:40 - 4:55 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Concept & Futurism

They have, over history, influenced our interactions, as their abundance increases the social potential of a space, triggering curiosity and questions and conversations; and their scarcity brings anonymity, and dead space. By creating technology fueled social objects, we can tap into the wealth of social objects online that fuel online conversations, and control and decorate the spaces around us, in order to better demonstrate to each other, our personalities, and therefore have more information fed to us in our physical world. 

An example is a visual graph we created during an Ignite event in September, and projected onto the walls to interfere with human interactions: And we will be using again next week in an updated form. It's based on a lot of empirical research we've been doing in our startup,, over the past 2 years, watching and influencing how people interact, converse and connect in real physical spaces. 

For the audience at eComm, for people who are on the cutting edge of communications, technology, and augmented reality, I want to inspire, to bring about a change in our perception of what is even possible, to reach a new understanding of the impact that our design and application of physical social objects have on the richness of our lives. It is rethinking the manner in which we approach bringing technological tools to people. 

We can fill our physical spaces with more rich contextual social objects, using tools like tablets and smart phones, but also with more creative solutions like picoprojectors and electronics. We can tap into our personalities online, and bring them into our public spaces, where they can be a source for more relevant human-to-human interactions, based on the mutual interests that we choose to divulge to the people around us.

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