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How Wireless Technology Can Meet the Skyrocketing Demand for Mobile Data

James J. Nolan, EVP, R&D, InterDigital

Date: Wednesday, June 29

Time: 10:00 - 10:15 AM

Location: Salon E

Category: Technology & Engineering

Predictions abound on the growth of mobile data traffic driven by smart phones and tablet PCs that come with an expectation of robust broadband Internet connectivity everywhere and a demand for high quality video. The FCC's National Broadband Plan indicated that mobile data traffic in North America would increase by roughly 20 to 45 times between 2009 and 2014, and current data suggests these numbers may be exceeded.

This presentation examines how wireless technology can address the bandwidth challenge, by considering not only the track of cellular technology, but also new approaches that promise improved spectral efficiency, use new spectrum, and rely on new network architectures. Starting with a brief recap cellular evolution from second generation through LTE-Advanced, InterDigital's Jim Nolan, EVP of Research and Development, will address enhancements such as Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP) and innovative multi-cell technologies, as well as more ambitious changes to cellular and other wireless architectures such as Wi-Fi, relay nodes and terminal-to-terminal communications. Pico-cells, femto-cells, and forward-looking dense deployments are discussed as promising approaches, as well as new spectrum, including the use of TV white space is considered. Mr. Nolan provides a quantitative assessment, and sets the goal.

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