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The Age of Phone Network Manipulation

Darren Schreiber, Founder, 2600Hz

Date: Wednesday, June 29

Time: 11:10 - 11:25 AM

Location: Salon E

Category: Technology & Engineering

We are in a unique time where you can gain access to one of the oldest, most connected networks in the world - the phone network. When I say gain access, we're talking manipulating phone companies and phone switches in ways that only hackers could do in the late 70s. The possibilities for enriching communication and tying it to other platforms are limitless. We've seen people create free conferencing systems of thousands of people, tie 3-D virtual worlds to free voice software and provide access to voice services for web developers via simple APIs. You are bound only by your imagination. 

The public switched telephone network is still the largest network in the world and until recently it was one of the most secretive and tightly controlled. With the introduction of free carrier-grade telephony software and easy access to SS7-style services, commoditization, creative feature development, and even new security exploits are the norm. Challenges have moved from single server voice systems and carrier switches to distributed redundant services, coupled with a full transition to a fully IP-based infrastructure. 

The common concept of a phone call is dying. Opportunities to displace traditional telecom exist within this context, as long as you understand the network's changes and the timing for the opportunities. Ironically, communication via voice is not. Voice communication is more integrated into our daily lives then ever before - in multi-player video games, virtual conference rooms, online chats, video chat and more. 

In this talk, I'll be exploring these changes in the industry and where we're likely headed, citing examples in the open-source revolution and in open-access technologies being tapped into by vendors in the US and abroad.

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