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The Public Cloud Has Won

Randy Bias, Co-Founder & CTO, Cloudscaling

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 5:25 - 5:40 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Digital Economics & Business Models

The rapid growth of mobile apps has benefited developers but not carriers. Developers prefer agile, cheap public cloud services for development and hosting. Many carriers stuck in the "dumb pipe" conundrum have turned to enterprise clouds, hoping they would make their existing infrastructure efficient enough to lure this high-growth, higher-margin app dev and hosting business.

Randy's presentation will demonstrate why this strategy is failing. It will show how those enterprise legacy clouds cannot approach the cost advantage that public cloud delivers. Participants will learn how carriers' worldview has led them to choose the wrong vendors and design patterns, driven by the wrong assumptions.

We will briefly look at mobile game developer Zynga as an example of how public cloud has played a catalytic role in making their initial launch and scale out possible. We'll also examine why current carrier data center customers will be drawn to re-architect legacy applications and move them to either a public cloud or a private cloud built using a similar architecture. Finally, we will conclude with a brief analysis showing how AWS could become a top 10 IT services firm by 2016 with $10 billion in revenue solely from infrastructure business that carriers could be providing.

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