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Evolution Of The Mobile Phone By 2020

Szymon Slupik, Independent


Working Capital Initiative & Results

Italo Milanese, Telecom Italia

Project Manager

New Technologies to Help Families Love

Jofish Kaye, Nokia

Senior Research Scientist & Ethnographer

How Emerging Technologies are Increasing Intrinsic Motivation

Pamela Rutledge, A Think Lab/Media Psychology Research Center


Telepathy by Machine - Fact or Fiction in 2025?

Rob Lewis, Telcentris

VP of Product Management

Read/Write World: Democratizing Locative Media

Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Microsoft

Architect of Bing Mobile & Bing Maps

Hacking the "Big Five"

Adrian Avendano, Meetforeal & CrowdScanner

Co-Founder & CEO

Closeout Keynote

Richard Thieme, Independent