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The Next Wave of Video Communications

Jonathan Christensen, Vice President, Emerging Opportunities, Skype

Date: Tuesday, June 28

Time: 4:00 - 4:20 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Products & Services

Late last year, IMS Research reported that we'd passed the 5 billion mark - 5 billion internet connected devices - and predicted we'd connect 22 billion devices by 2020. That said, internet connectivity is no longer enough to differentiate your product. So, what will be different about the next 17 billion devices? Video. 

We're finally at a place where we're moving from the PC to non-PC devices being rich communication endpoints - from your mobile phone and TV to your in-car navigation system. Internet + voice + video is emerging as the ultimate trifecta for cutting-edge devices, and increasingly what consumers will expect from their electronics. However, as demand for video-enabled electronics continues to increase, development bottlenecks caused by closed API standards will continue to plague the industry and hinder the growth process. During his presentation, Skype's Jonathan Christensen will discuss: 

  • The historical context and early communications pioneers that took VoIP mainstream
  • The inefficiencies and hurdles that spurred industry-wide change in the early 2000s
  • How broadband penetration, multimedia PCs and P2P file sharing set the stage for rich mainstream IP communications and the proliferation of video calling
  • The future of communications in which devices are no longer isolated, and open standards will shorten development cycles Christensen will also give an update on how Skype is working to enable developers to leverage the power of voice and video to create a new generation of communications experiences, gaining access to a huge market potential by bringing video to a wide-range of consumer devices. With this next wave of connected devices, 'video anywhere' becomes a real possibility.

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