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When Mobile Phones Recognize and Know You

Jim Raboin, Independent, Technology Inventor

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 12:00 - 12:15 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Technology & Engineering

Since the inception of the internet, the longstanding problem for all computer and smart phone security has been tied to device authentication, password protection and cryptology. Tokens, as a form of user authentication, has been a relatively recent development and is ineffective in blocking NFC attacks. 

In order to stop NFC security threats in their tracks and solve a host of other internet security problems, an entirely different form of authentication must be implemented that can recognize geographic location of human users as well as recognize individual human users themselves rather than just the devices they are using. The answer to the security problem is found in the cloud using mobile GPS capability and each individual human user's own personal bio-metrics. 

There is a plethora of completely unique bio-information emanating from every human being that a mobile or computer can easily recognize. Sound, electromagnetism, charge, resistance, temperature, the list is almost endless. We are all mini broadcasting stations continuously sending out our own unique signals. 

The problem up to now has been there were no receiving stations specifically tuned to recognize those signals. With my patent pending technology, tokens in their current form are a thing of the past. Each human user can become their token. They can become their own password. And they can become their own unique source of encryption. By authenticating the human user, each human has capacity to create their own 'gated community' around themselves in cloud where information is both safe and secure. The only way to access information in your own personal gated cloud environment is to be the one human on earth with your unique, distinct bio-transmissions

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