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Conference Speakers

Aaron Huslage

Tethr, Founder

Aaron is in the process of starting Tethr. Tethr provides crisis response management services worldwide. The company's first product,, will provide Internet access to people in crisis situations around the world.
He is also a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based technology think tank incubating a number of technology startups. Earlier this year he was a co-founder of Safecast which provides crowdsourced radiation monitoring data to Japan.
Previously, Aaron was a System Administrator and System Architect for major corporations such as Microsoft and Major League Baseball. He has also contributed his expertise to various media properties like GigaOm and O'Reilly Media. Aaron was formerly on the organizing committee for O'Reilly Media's ETel conference.

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Adrian Avendano

Meetforeal & CrowdScanner, Co-Founder & CEO

Adrian Avendano is co-founder of Meetforeal and CrowdScanner. A social-philosopher-hacker, he is deeply passionate about developing tools for real life social interaction. With his first venture,, he designed and organised cross-disciplined events for people to meet other interesting people, learn and share ideas. Currently fascinated by the possibilities of mobile technology, his latest start-up, CrowdScanner, applies social theory to the fundamental need that humans have to make deeper connections with people in real life. The first iphone application makes a game of talking to strangers, and is an effective conversation starter for any social event.

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Alan Duric

Telio, Co-founder and CTO

Alan Duric is co-founder and CTO at Telio ASA, the leading European access independent Broadband Telephony/Multi-Modal service provider. Mr. Duric is an early pioneer of VoIP with over a 12 years of active contribution in multi modal communcations, through his sw development and standardization work (as a co-author and/or contributor to number of IETF, ETSI and ITU standards).

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Alex Bayen

Berkeley, Associate Professor

Alexandre Bayen is an associate professor at UC Berkeley. He received the Engineering Degree in applied mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique, France, the M.S. and the Ph.D. from Stanford University. He was a Visiting Researcher at NASA from 2000 to 2003. In 2004, he worked at the Department of Defense in France, where he holds the rank of Major. Bayen has authored over 100 articles in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He is the recipient numerous awards, including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) award from the White House, 2010.

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Assaf Biderman

MIT, Associate Director

Assaf Biderman teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is the Associate Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory, an MIT research group that explores the "real-time city" by studying the increasing deployment of sensors and networked hand-held electronics, and their relationship to the built environment. Biderman has backgrounds in physics and human-computer interaction. He focuses on working in partnership with city administrations and industry members worldwide to explore how distributed technologies can be used to improve our understanding of cities and create a more sustainable future.

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Bhaskar Krishnamachari

University of Southern California, Associate Professor

Bhaskar Krishnamachari is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California. His research interest is focused on the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms and protocols for next generation wireless networks and mobile devices. He has co-authored more than 200 technical publications on these topics, as well as a book titled "Networking Wireless Sensors".
He serves as an editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, and the ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award, the ASEE Terman Award.

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Blaise Aguera y Arcas

Microsoft, Architect of Bing Mobile & Bing Maps

Blaise is the Architect of Bing Mobile and Bing Maps at Microsoft.  He joined Microsoft when his startup, Seadragon, was acquired by Live Labs in 2006. Shortly after the acquisition, Blaise directed his team in a collaboration with Microsoft Research and the University of Washington, leading to the first public previews of Photosynth.  He has given talks at the TED conference on Seadragon and Photosynth (2007), and Bing Maps (2010).  In 2008, when he was still in the flower of his youth, he was awarded the TR35.  In 2010, he shaved his head.  In 2011, he was knighted a Distinguished Engineer.

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Blake Callens

Zugara, Senior Software Engeneer

Blake Callens is Senior Software Engineer for Zugara, the only interactive marketing agency member of the Augmented Reality Consortium. He was lead engineer on the team that created the company’s web based augmented reality tools, including: · Webcam Social Shopper augmented reality clothing framework · ZugMo motion capture and body recognition engine · ZugSTAR streaming augmented reality web conferencing framework He is also the creator of ARtisan, an open source Flex framework for augmented reality development, and co-organizer of the Augmented Reality Los Angeles meetup group. He blogs his thoughts on augmented reality at

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Brough Turner

netBlazr Inc., Founder

Brough Turner is a communications industry engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of, a startup working to change the landscape for broadband Internet access in the US urban areas. Previously Brough was co-founder and CTO of Natural MicroSystems and NMS Communications and advisor to iSkoot, Stargen and several other tech start-ups. He writes and is quoted widely on telecommunications topics in trade and general business publications. Since 2001, Brough has focused on the wireless infrastructure and mobile applications. Brough blogs on the technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.

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Bryan M. Johns

Digium, Community Director

Mr. Johns has spent nearly 20 years in and around the businesses of technology and telecommunications. Bryan has started, grown and sold a handful of web application development and VoIP technology businesses and he has found a home in the disruptive world of open standards and open source telecommunications platforms. In his role as Community Director for Digium (ground zero for the Asterisk and AsteriskSCF open source communications projects) Bryan works globally to foster growth and adoption of these technologies amongst developers, partners and commercial entities. Bryan acts as an evangelist-at-large for open source telecommunications.

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Chris Mairs

Thrutu/MetaSwitch, CTO/Chief Scientist

Chris joined Data Connection as one of the founding team in 1981. Prior to joining Data Connection he acquired a degree in Computing from Cambridge University and worked for IBM on mainframe and communications systems software.

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Christophe Ramstein

Immersion, CTO

As Chief Technology Officer at Immersion, Christophe Ramstein leads the company's global research and development with a focus on haptic innovation and the future of user experience. While at Immersion, Ramstein has held several positions, including director of software development, VP of Engineering, and senior VP of Research and Engineering. Before joining Immersion in 2000, Ramstein co-founded Haptic Technologies Inc. and was senior scientist at Industry Canada. Ramstein is author of numerous patents and papers involving haptics. He holds a Master's degree from the Institute Joseph Fourier and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Polytechnic Institute in France.

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Clark Dodsworth

Osage Associates Consulting, Owner

Clark Dodsworth does product strategy, innovation and development in software and devices that require a quality user experience. All his work is founded on human-centered design and has interface components. He recently completed work on an unprecedented smartphone augmented reality-based system for the Dubailand theme parks project. He co-authored the original Ambient Intelligence strategy for Philips, later adopted by the EU for its 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development on IST Research 2002-06, and was part of the first wireless, nationwide, geo-aware B2C startup in 1992. The product is the experience.

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Dan York

Voxeo, Director of Conversations

Dan York writes, speaks and teaches about emerging communication technology and has been doing so since the mid-1980s. Author of the popular "Disruptive Telephony" blog, Dan's recent books include "Migrating Applications to IPv6" and "Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks". Dan serves as Director of Conversations at Voxeo heading up communication through social media. Previously, Dan served in Voxeo's Office of the CTO focused on analyzing emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies and addressing VoIP security issues. Outside of Voxeo, Dan serves as the Chair of the VoIP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). More info can be found at or

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Darren Schreiber

2600Hz, Founder

Darren Schreiber is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2600hz. He began working in open-source voice with the TCAPI project, a framework for developing telephony applications quickly. His projects have since evolved into two enterprise VoIP platforms that deliver a multitude of development voice SMS and video applications to customers. Darren’s 15 years of voice and IT experience include developing multiple enterprise SaaS infrastructures for hosting and remotely managing IT, voice and e-commerce services. A serious telephony enthusiast since a young age, Darren guest lectures at major universities on VoIP technology and leads paid international VoIP trainings. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Computer Science and Business Management.

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David Troy

Distilabs, Inc., CEO

David Troy is a serial technology entrepreneur and community builder based in Baltimore, Maryland. He founded a regional ISP and hosting provider in 1995 which he sold in 2004. From 2004 through 2008 he worked on developing and implementing open source voice-over-IP solutions for a number of companies in the United States, South America, and Europe. In 2008 he decided to return to his roots in Baltimore and help entrepreneurs get more connected. He founded Distilabs, inc. with former AOL executive Matt Koll in 2010. The company is developing a portfolio of Internet products, including and

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Dean Bubley

Disruptive Analysis, Founder

Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm. An analyst with over 16 years’ experience, he primarily specialises in mobile, wireless, networking, and telecoms fields, with further expertise in certain aspects of the software and semiconductor sectors. His present focus is on wireless technology, especially the evolution of mobile device architecture & software, fixed-mobile convergence, IMS, wireless VoIP, shifts in service provider value chains, enterprise mobility, in-building technologies, femtocells, spectrum policy, wireless broadband, and the integration of cellular and WLAN technologies. He is also the author of the Disruptive Wireless blog, found at

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Dr. Peter G. Hartwell

Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Distinguished Technologist

Dr. Peter G. Hartwell is currently a Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California. As a member of the Intelligent Infrastructure Lab, he is the lead of the Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE) team developing a broad sensing system to bring environmental awareness to information technology infrastructure. CeNSE was selected one of 20 "World Changing Ideas" in the December 2009 issue of Scientific American. Peter has extensive experience in commercializing silicon MEMS products, working on advanced sensors and actuators, and specializes in MEMS testing techniques.

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Eladio Martin

University of California, Researcher

E. Martin is carrying out research in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley. He holds a MS in Telecommunications Engineering from Spain and a PhD from England within the field of location management for mobile telecommunications networks. He has research experience in both industry and academia across Europe and USA, focusing on wireless communications, sensor networks, signal processing and localization.

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Ellen Dudley

CrowdScanner, Co-Founder

Ellen Dudley trained as a Biomedical Engineer, but her career path took an unintended turn, and since 2007, she has been on a mission to live an interesting life, dabbling with coding, writing, designing, but most of all, hacking socialising. She has co-founded two technology start-ups, most recently CrowdScanner Faces (, and has spoken at conferences from Boston, to Belfast, to Berlin, all for her love of designing and developing social objects that evoke so much curiosity that people naturally interact and have interesting conversations with one another, face to face.

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Gerry Pesavento

IQ Engines, Co-Founder

Gerry Pesavento is a co-founder and CEO of IQ Engines, a company that has developed a cloud-based image and object recognition platform.  His current interests are focused on mobile visual intelligence - with a significant increase in smartphone penetration, using the mobile phone camera to process visual information promises several new innovations in commerce, social networking, search, gaming and media.  He is the former CEO of Teknovus (acquired by Broadcom) and Alloptic (acquired by CTDI).  Gerry holds a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Gerry Pesavento:

Gordon Cook

The COOK Report on Internet, Founder

Gordon Cook was from 1987 - 1990 the science editor technical writer at the John von Neuman National Supercomputer Center in Princeton NJ. Between 1990 and 1992, He later directed a study of what 3 years later became the commercial Internet for the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. Cook then founded The COOK Report on Internet, now in its 20th year, which he still edits and publishes. Cook has written extensively about research and education networks, including his recent book BUILDING A NATIONAL KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE. He had an earlier career as a teacher and PhD Russian historian. He is a strong advocate of community owned fiber networks.

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Ian Heidt

Qualcomm, Business Development Director

Ian is the business lead for Neer, location sharing service from Qualcomm Services Labs. A mobile app for Android and iPhone that helps you automate the things you do every day with the people that matter most in your life. Prior to Neer, Ian was the services strategy lead for Qualcomm Services and was involved in numerous company efforts including acquisitions, mobile software platforms and augmented reality. In the past, Ian has survived a short stay in investment banking, a death allergy, and a failed web start-up. Ian holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and BA from Claremont McKenna College.

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Ian Small

TokBox, CEO

Ian Small is Chief Executive Officer at TokBox, providers of the OpenTok video chat platform, used by thousands of sites webwide. Before joining TokBox, Ian spent six years with Mark Logic Corporation, during which time he helped guide the company from initial venture funding through to its leadership position for scalable, high performance XML databases. Previously, Ian was the Chief Strategist and Knowledge Officer at marchFirst and USWeb/CKS, and Chief Technology Officer at CKS Group, where Ian held a broad executive mandate which included corporate strategy, market positioning, knowledge management and merger integration. Ian started his career in Apple’s HIG.

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Italo Milanese

Telecom Italia, Project Manager

Italo is working in Telecom Italia Strategy & Innovation; enabling “Open Innovation” and scouting innovative startups are the most important objectives of his activity. In the past, after 10 years in the network management area, he leaded the support of TI Venture Capital activities. For 2 years he has been working as responsible of the business exploitation of the SIP projects, then he focussed his job on the new media activities (IP based services, new generation web, digital video entertainment) acting before as link between research and marketing then in some overseas consultancies about new generationTV (Argentina, Indonesia, Cuba).

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Jake Chuang

Neurosky, Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of NeuroSky. Inc., Jake Chuang runs the science, engineering and operation behind the fast moving bio-sensor company.  The company's ThinkGear is the global leader in mass market bio-sensor which converts brainwave and other bio-signals into commands, enable machines to adept to people.  NeuroSky has forged successful partnerships with a broad range of institutions from Fortune 500 industry leaders, innovative independent developers, to top domestic and international academic research laboratories, with end products covering toy, games, entertainment, sports and wellness markets.  Before NeuroSky, Mr. Chuang held senior marketing and engineering management positions in several IC companies  Mr. Chuang received his MS and BSEE from UT Austin.

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James J. Nolan

InterDigital, EVP, R&D

JAMES J. NOLAN is InterDigital's Executive Vice President, Research and Development, responsible for directing the development of advanced wireless technologies, including the incubation of advanced wireless communication solutions and the evolution of standards based technologies, and the company's participation in wireless standards bodies. 

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James Pearce

Sencha, Senior Director of Developer Relations

James is a technologist, writer, developer & practitioner who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. He is Senior Director of Developer Relations at Sencha. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. He speaks extensively on the topic of mobile web development, and has written books for both Wiley and Wrox.
James led the development of mobiForge, DeviceAtlas and, and is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, WhitherApps, modernizr-server and confess.js.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring James Pearce:

Jan Dawson

Ovum Telecoms, Chief Telecoms Analyst

Jan Dawson is Ovum’s Chief Telecoms Analyst, and is responsible for leading the overall Ovum Telecoms research agenda. In addition, Jan is responsible for the quality of the Ovum Telecoms product, and in both these capacities he works closely with clients to understand their needs and how to ensure that the Ovum Telecoms team meets those needs through their research. Jan is responsible for providing thought leadership to the Ovum telecoms practice and its clients.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jan Dawson:

Jeff Fitzsimmons

Harqen, Co-Founder

Jeff Fitzsimmons, Co-Founder & VP of Product Development, is the visionary behind HarQen's award-winning applications and platform. Prior to HarQen, he worked in a blinding number of positions and industries as a creative with an engineering bent. After writing two seasons of an Emmy™ award-winning children’s TV series, he wrote a book with long time collaborator, Mike Dillon, entitled "The Art of the Bonsai Potato - Zen Without the Wait!" – which accidentally sold over 300K copies. Prior to HarQen, he led large-scale projects for companies as diverse as Sony Playstation, BMW Mini Cooper, Rainbow Playsystems, Eddie Bauer and Harley Davidson.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jeff Fitzsimmons:

Jim Raboin

Technology Inventor, Independent

Jim Raboin is visionary and an entrepreneur based in northern Minnesota. He has been focusing his energy on providing safer, permission based, mobile proximity triggered broadcasting solutions. More specifically, he has focused his attention on solving digital commerce and mobile security threats by merging two ideas together: user bio-authentication and proximity based "peer to peer" direct broadcasting. His patent pending technology fuses a mobile phone‘s GPS, cloud and NFC capabilities with a mobile user‘s own unique bio-characteristics. It is the "Holy Grail" of mobile commerce and likely the birth of intercloud.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jim Raboin:

Jofish Kaye

Nokia, Senior Research Scientist & Ethnographer

Jofish Kaye is Senior Research Scientist & Ethnographer at Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto. His research explores the social, cultural, and technological effects of technology on people and vice versa. These have recently included studies of families’ values and technology choices, visualizations of human-generated data such as Twitter and publication records, and the use of NFC-enabled phones to help track clean water supplies in Haiti. He has a Ph.D in Information Science from Cornell, and an M.S. in Media Arts & Sciences and a B.S. in Cognitive Science, both from MIT.  Jofish is jofish.kaye at, @jofish, and

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jofish Kaye:

John Harmon

Agilent Technologies, Wireless R&D Business Development Manager

John Harmon is a Wireless R&D Business Development Manager for Agilent Technologies, Inc. based in Santa Rosa, California. In his 31 years with Hewlett-Packard/Agilent, he has held various positions in R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Business Development. He currently focuses on 4th generation cellular technologies. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring John Harmon:

Johnny Diggz

Geeks without Bounds, Founder

Johnny Diggz is an entrepreneur, musician, filmmaker and founder of Geeks without Bounds, an alliance of hackers who assist with humanitarian causes. In 1999 Diggz co-founded Voxeo Corporation and serves as Chief Evangelist for Tropo and Voxeo’s community of over 200,000 developers. He produced the indie feature film, The Karaoke King, a musical comedy that premiered in 2007 at the Cinema City International Film Festival. Diggz is also a professional dueling piano player and will perform at the slightest arm-twist. On Twitter: @johnnydiggz

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Jonathan Christensen

Skype, Vice President, Emerging Opportunities

Jonathan Christensen has more than 15 years of experience shaping strategy for the growth of IP communications in start-ups and world class organizations such as Skype, Microsoft, and Time Warner. In 2005, Jonathan co-founded Camino Networks where he was CEO. He is currently a senior member of the Skype team leading core technology development for audio and video, as well as initiatives for voice quality, network interconnect, and business adoption.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jonathan Christensen:

Jonathan Taylor

Voxeo Labs, Chairman

Jonathan is half executive and half technologist with a dash of revolutionary thrown in for good measure.  Over the last 20 years he has started eight companies, drove one into the ground, grew six rapidly and profitably, and is growing the 8th rapidly but not yet profitably. He has also sold four companies and purchased and consolidated 17 more.  Jonathan and his co-founders recently sold Voxeo to Aspect software for $150 million. Jonathan is also the Chairman of Tropo, Inc.; Sighthound Labs; and Entrenext Ventures.  

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jonathan Taylor:

Jose de Castro

Voxeo, Chief Architect

Jose de Castro is the Chief Architect at Voxeo Labs, a company he joined through the acquisition of VoiceReady, where he also served as Chief Architect. He oversees all aspects of the design and development of Voxeo Designer, a web-based Service Creation Environment. Jose has also been tasked with creating Voxeo's next-generation Tropo Communications Platform. Prior to Voxeo, he served as an Application Architect at companies including Spherion, NetbyTel and elQ2.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Jose de Castro:

Kelly Fitzsimmons

HarQen, Founder

After the sale of her fourth company, Kelly Fitzsimmons founded HarQen in 2006. HarQen, a Voice Management platform company, has assembled a top-tier team of Voice 2.0 experts. Collectively, HarQen's team has generated over $500MM in voice-related exits -- selling previous companies to British Telecom, Telefonica and 3Com. Prior to HarQen, Kelly founded, led and sold several companies in the information security space, including Neohapsis and Sun Tzu Security. She graduated from the University of Rochester (BA) and holds a Masters degree from Harvard.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Kelly Fitzsimmons:

Larry Downes

Independent/TechFreedom, Consultant/Author

Larry Downes is a consultant and author on developing business strategies in the digital age. He is Senior Adjunct Fellow with TechFreedom, a nonpartisan technology policy think tank.
His most recent book, “The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces that Govern Business and Life in the Digital Age” explores the accident-prone intersection of law and innovation.
Downes is the author of the Business Week and New York Times business best-seller, Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance, which was named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the five most important books ever published on business and technology.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Larry Downes:

Laurent Gil

Viewdle, CEO

Laurent Gil is CEO of Viewdle. Prior to Viewdle, Laurent spent over five years in investment banking in corporate finance and capital markets at the French investment bank Credit Agricole. During his MBA at Wharton, Laurent helped establish a boutique investment bank in Brazil. He co-founded and served as CFO of TAHO, a wireless internet service provider in Rio de Janeiro, which raised U.S. $10M in 2001 to develop a broadband wireless internet network in Latin America. Recently, Laurent spent two years in West Africa deploying wireless networks in high schools, for a non-profit organization he founded.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Laurent Gil:

Lee S Dryburgh

Emerging Communications Research & Events, Founder

Lee S Dryburgh is a communications engineer, technologist and futurist. He pours great passion and energy into self-directed projects. He takes coffee and network bandwidth as input and outputs training, consulting and conferences. His expertise is in two domains: First - the way telecoms operates today at the engineering level; specifically Signalling System #7 (SS7/SigTran/CAMEL/MAP) which powers virtually all telephone calls, all SMS, cellular mobility itself, and most pre-paid cellular solutions. Second - exceptional knowledge of the future of telecommunications, in particular telephony. He can provide a detailed view of the industry in 1, 2 or even 10 year’s time.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Lee S Dryburgh:

Luc Barthelet

Wolfram|Alpha, Executive Director

Executive Director Luc Barthelet joined Wolfram|Alpha in 2011 to lead the company’s strategic business development. Barthelet is leading efforts to deliver Wolfram|Alpha as middleware to search engines internationally and expand Wolfram|Alpha's already extensive offering of mobile applications. Barthelet continues to lead Wolfram|Alpha inventing new solutions for the question-and-answer environments of the future.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Luc Barthelet:

Martin Geddes

Independent, Industry Futurist

Martin Geddes is a thought leader on business models in the telecommunications industry. He is formerly Strategy Director at BT Innovate & Design. He started blogging about the collision of the IT and telecoms industries in 2003. This was inspired by his work on a pioneering project at Sprint to adopt an ‘open’platform business model. This led to a deep interest and new career uncovering the drivers of telecoms industry structure. He has a special expertise in the impact of multi-sided markets, Cloud communications, and the future of vertically integrated products like telephony and SMS.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Martin Geddes:

Matt Bramson

InPhonex, CMO

Matt Bramson, who manages global marketing and sales for InPhonex, has a passion for commercializing novel ideas. In his 20-year career, Matt has focused on taking groundbreaking technology products to market, using creative strategies and overcoming odds.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Matt Bramson:

Michael Luna

SEVEN Networks, CTO

Michael Luna is Chief Technology Officer at SEVEN Networks where he is responsible for the company's long-term technology and innovation strategy. Luna is a pioneer in the wireless data industry with more than 30 years of management and engineering design experience.
Prior to SEVEN, Luna was CTO for Jawbone where he led early technology evolution, intellectual property and legal services. He also served as CTO at Openwave where he drove software innovation.
Luna has been awarded numerous patents in the mobile telecommunications field and has co-authored industry standards and held industry leadership positions in OMA, WAP Forum, CDG, TIA and PCMIA.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Michael Luna:

Neil Davies

Predictable Network Solutions, Co-Founder

Neil Davies went to the University of Bristol at age 17 and it took him 23 years to get out. In the early '80s, as a member of the committee that oversaw the UK's initial networking developments, he defined protocols and developed techniques for competitors to TCP, email and DNS. He's worked on the design and performance engineering of large scale computer systems and data switches as well as having been the technical director of a collaborative industrial research institute.
Since leaving the University in 2000 to form his first startup, he has been applying his performance engineering and mathematical modelling skills to a number of high profile large scale systems.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Neil Davies:

Pamela Rutledge

A Think Lab/Media Psychology Research Center, Co-Founder/Director

Think Lab Co-Founder Dr. Pamela Rutledge is a media psychologist, applying psychology and neuroscience to strategies for emerging technologies and transmedia storytelling.
She is also Director of the nonprofit Media Psychology Research Center and adjunct faculty of media psychology and social media and emerging technologies at Fielding Graduate University. Her research and applied interest is on the intersection of human psychology and technology. Her passion is for helping clients and students see the evolving media landscape with new eyes.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Pamela Rutledge:

Paul Gardner-Stephen

Serval Project, Founder/Software Developer

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen has been writing communications software from age 16, and is founder of The Serval Project, software which allows ordinary cell phones to form networks without using towers, but keeping their existing phone numbers, and facilitating crowd-sourced situation awareness. Dr. Gardner Stephen is passionate about the opportunity that the Serval Project offers in terms of aiding in emergencies and disasters as well as enfranchising the poorest two billion who lack access to affordable telephony, if it is available to them at all.  He is Flinders University Research Fellow in Rural, Remote & Humanitarian Telecommunications.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Paul Gardner-Stephen:

Peter Ecclesine

Cisco, Wireless Technology Analyst

Peter Ecclesine is the wireless technology analyst in Cisco's Corporate Development Technology Group, and serves as Chair and Technical Editor of IEEE 802.11y, 3650-3700 MHz Operation in the USA. He has been working on wireless investments and acquisitions at Cisco since 1996, and has an evolving interest in changing wireless laws, originally in the 5GHz radar bands, then 70/80/90 GHz bands, the shared 3.65 GHz band, now more generally to permit world radios to be used anywhere.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Peter Ecclesine:

Raffael Kemenczy

Starfish Inc., Founder

Raffael Kéménczy is a student primarily interested in unlocking humanity's potential. His vision of a peaceful and creative society led him to research topics ranging from alternative socio-economics to systems theory. Exemplified by his position as Relations co-Director at the European Organization for Sustainability, he is engaged in communicating research and concepts related to the often ill-interpreted buzzword sustainability. Recognizing the importance of the concept of distribution for the construction of sustainable systems, he recently founded Starfish Inc. to combine the ideas, people and resources required to enable the creation of a user-controlled network based on a distributed architecture.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Raffael Kemenczy:

Raj Singh

Stanford Research Institute, Entrepreneur in Residence

Raj Singh is a mobile industry veteran having worked across the industry over the past 12 years. Presently, Raj is an EIR at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) focused on enterprise mobility. Most recently, Raj was the founding VP of Business Development for Skyfire, a mobile browser that supports full Flash rendering. Previously, Raj co-founded venture-funded Veeker, NBC's mobile video citizen journalism service and ToneThis. Raj has also worked in product management, engineering, strategy and consulting roles for Kodak Mobile, Dell Mobile, Cellmania, MobiTV, PlayPhone, Tellme, Samsung, Turk Telekom, IGT, Hungama Mobile, Vlingo and Antenna Software. Raj Singh is a mobile industry veteran having worked across the industry over the past 12 years. Presently, Raj is an EIR at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) focused on enterprise mobility. Most recently, Raj was the founding VP of Business Development for Skyfire, a mobile browser that supports full Flash rendering. Previously, Raj co-founded venture funded Veeker, NBC's mobile video citizen journalism service and ToneThis.

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All 2011 Sessions Featuring Raj Singh:

Ramona Liberoff

Movirtu, EVP Marketing, Strategy and Planning

Ramona is responsible for defining and helping our customers build their marketing plans and campaigns for our products and building the customer propositions in addition to corporate marketing and field consultancy activities to understand true market needs on behalf of end users.
Prior to Movirtu Ramona worked at The Futures Company/Kantar where as Global Client Director she was responsible for leading global clients including Pepsico, HSBC, MTS and Vodafone.
Ramona has a BA from Williams College, an MA from Yale University and an MSc in Organizational and Social Psychology from London School of Economics.

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Randy Bias

Cloudscaling, Co-Founder & CTO

Randy's provocative views on the disruption of webscale cloud computing have made his an influential voice on the topic.
Randy has driven innovations in infrastructure, IT, operations, and 24?7 service delivery. He was the technical visionary at GoGrid and built the world’s first multi-cloud, multi-platform cloud management framework at CloudScale Networks. He led the open-licensing of GoGrid's API, which inspired Sun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, VMware and others to follow suit.
Randy is a prominent blogger and is frequently interviewed in news media on cloud computing. He speaks at dozens of industry events annually.

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Richard P. Nespola

TMNG Global, Founder/Chairman/CEO

Richard P. Nespola is the founder, Chairman and CEO of TMNG Global, a publicly-traded professional services firm. Prior to founding TMNG, Rich held numerous senior executive roles in the communications and media industries. At MCI, he led revenue operations, systems development, and major global account management. At Sprint, he was Sr. Vice President of Finance and EVP of Strategic Markets and Product Pricing. Following Sprint, he became President and COO of Telesphere Communications. A trusted industry analyst and commentator, Rich is published and quoted in leading publications, has made numerous television appearances, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

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Richard Thieme

Independent, Author/Speaker

Richard Thieme is the author of “Islands in the Clickstream,” reflections on implications of technology, and “Mind Games,” a collection of short stories about “non-consensual realities.” He has published numerous articles, dozens of stories, two books, and given over a thousand speeches.  He speaks about challenges posed by new technologies, how to reinvent ourselves to meet them, and sources of creativity.  He recently spoke on “The Dark Side of Crime Fighting, Security and Intelligence” for the Troopers Conference in Heidelberg, “The Future of Hacking” for the Security Summit in Johannesburg, and “Ethical Considerations in Security and Intelligence” for Hack-in-the-Box Amsterdam.

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Richard Whitt

Google, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel

Richard S. Whitt is the Washington Telecom and Media Counsel for Google Inc. In that capacity, Rick is responsible for Google’s strategy and advocacy on all wireline, wireless, and media matters before the Federal Communications Commission, other Federal agencies, and the U.S. Congress. Most recently he has represented the company’s interests on a variety of broadband policy issues (such as network neutrality), spectrum policy matter (such as the 700 MHz auction and TV white spaces), and “unregulation” of VoIP and other Web-based applications.

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Rob Lewis

Telcentris, VP of Product Management

With more than 22 years experience in software development, hardware systems integration, marketing, and product management, Telcentris’ VP of Product Management, Rob Lewis oversees product strategy for all Telcentris divisions, including VoxOx (desktop and mobile app) and VoxOx In Business. Prior to Telcentris, Lewis led the development of innovative products for major technology and entertainment brands such as Vivendi/Universal, Qualcomm, Silicon Graphics, as well as numerous high-profile startups. As VP of Business Development at Vivendi/Universal, Lewis worked closely with customers to define new products and services for the entertainment industry. While at Qualcomm, Lewis managed product lines in the location-based services and mobile advertising technologies arenas.

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Ronald Azuma

Nokia, Research Leader

Ronald Azuma is a Research Leader at Nokia Research Center, where he leads a group developing new forms of compelling mobile media, interfaces and experiences, based on Augmented Reality and other technologies.  He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Ronald is known for defining the field of Augmented Reality and helping to guide the development of the field through two survey papers.  He is the current leader of the Steering Committee for the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR).

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Ryan Gallagher


Before founding IOVOX, Ryan Gallagher was CTO of Silicon Valley start-up Vazu, after having held a wide variety of positions in over 15 years at companies such as KPN Qwest, Compaq and Alstom Holdings. He helped pioneer streaming media over the internet with technology partners like Inktomi, Cacheflow and NetApps. He has had an unusual career; Ryan studied psychology before moving to Australia and funding his IT studies by working security jobs. Other experiences include working as a bodyguard for a racing camel and ejecting a well known band while providing security for a Kylie Minogue party.

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Shai Berger

Fōnolo, Co-founder & CEO

Shai is co-founder and CEO of Fonolo, a startup pushing the boundaries of web-telephony integration. Shai was previously at Keynote Systems (KEYN), where he lead the team responsible for Streaming Perspective, the industry standard for streaming performance measurement. Today, some of the world's largest companies (such as AOL, Akamai, BBC, CNN, and MTV) use that service to ensure that their content reach their audiences. Streaming Perspective is also the basis of Microsoft's certification program for Windows Media hosting companies. Formerly, Shai lead the Streamcheck team from its launch in August of 2000 until its acquisition by Keynote in July 2003.

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Susan Crawford

Cardozo Law School, Professor

Susan Crawford is a professor at Cardozo Law School and a Visiting Research Collaborator at Princeton. She was formerly a full professor at the University of Michigan Law School. Was on leave from Michigan to co-lead the FCC Agency Review team for the Obama-Biden transition and served as Special Assistant to the President for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (2009). As an academic, she teaches internet law and communications law. One of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology (2009); IP3 Awardee (2010), World Technology Network Awardee (2010); one of Prospect Magazine’s Top Ten Brains of the Digital Future (2011).

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Szymon Slupik

Independent, Futurist/Researcher

Szymon spends most of the time imagining how the world will look like in five or ten years. Being passionate about mobility, he makes a living as a consultant, collaborative researcher and private investor. In the past Szymon was an active software developer and architect. Later as CTO and CEO of his companies he worked with major mobile carriers, introducing a number of innovative value added services, used by tens of millions of people. Today he is involved in several startups, poised to materialize his new ideas. He is also an active investor in public companies with potential and vision.

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Thomas Sachson

Box Top Solutions, Founding Member

Mr. Sachson is a founding member of Box Top Solutions, a Silicon Valley broadband software start-up that creates “FreeBand” applications.  Prior to Box Top, Mr. Sachson worked as both an executive and advisor to various technology companies, including Ikanos Communications, Silicon Microstructures, ELMOS Semiconductors, HP, Logitech, Socket Mobile, ARC Cores, and Wolfson Microelectronics, as well as an investment banker for WestLB Panmure and Merrill Lynch International in London. Mr. Sachson received his B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. 

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Tim Panton, Founder

Tim Panton has been a software developer for more than 25 years, working on a diverse range of projects, from chemical plant simulation to tourism web sites. He is also a contributor to open source projects, in particular GJTAPI a framework for implementing JTAPI (The Java Telephony API) and Westhawk's Java SNMP stack. In recent years Tim has been predominantly involved in Asterisk development and implementation, working closely with key industry players he has been championing innovative integration of voice technologies.

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Tom Katis

RebelVox, CEO

Tom was a founder of Triple Canopy, a security company with over 3,000 employees. He remains co-chairman and the largest shareholder. After 9/11, Tom put his business career on hold to re-enlist in the Army. He returned to active duty with a Special Forces team and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and 2003. Tom was an 18E and received extensive training on all significant military communications systems. Tom has held Vice President positions at Netcentives and Citigroup. He is a graduate of Yale University with a BA in Ethics, Politics and Economics.

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Tomaz Stolfa, Founder

Tomaz is the founder of He’s passionate about blending web, mobile and telephony into innovative products; while hiding the complexities behind simple interfaces.
Before starting, Tomaz was the Chief of Innovation at MarandLab, an incubator for innovations and new product concepts.  
Tomaz has experience in designing and marketing cross-platform products to tier one mobile operators.
Tomaz is also the founding organizer of MobileMonday Slovenia. 

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