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Laurent Gil

Viewdle, CEO

As CEO of Viewdle, Laurent leads the company's technology, marketing, business, and corporate development strategy. Prior to Viewdle, Laurent spent over five years in investment banking as a senior investment banker in corporate finance and capital markets at the French investment bank Credit Agricole. During his MBA at Wharton, Laurent helped establish a boutique investment bank in Brazil, which completed large transactions in the telecom sector in Latin America. He co founded and served as CFO of TAHO, a wireless internet service provider in Rio de Janeiro, which raised U.S. $10M in 2001 to develop a broadband wireless internet network in Latin America. Before leaving Brazil, he co-created IdeaValley, the leading provider of electronic paper in Latin America. Most recently, Laurent spent two years in West Africa deploying wireless networks in high schools, for a non-profit organization he founded.

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