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Luc Barthelet

Wolfram|Alpha, Executive Director

Executive Director Luc Barthelet joined Wolfram|Alpha in 2011 to lead the company’s strategic business development. He is a long-time expert user of Wolfram Mathematica, the core technology that powers Wolfram|Alpha, and has been collaborating closely with Wolfram Research for nearly 20 years. Barthelet is leading efforts to deliver Wolfram|Alpha as middleware to search engines internationally. Wolfram|Alpha's extensive offering of apps brings computable technology to mobile and tablet devices, showcasing the technology's applicability in a variety of academic, professional and recreational settings. Barthelet continues to lead Wolfram|Alpha inventing new solutions for the question-and-answer environments of the future.

In 1988, his first software startup was acquired by Electronic Arts (EA). He went on to work at EA for 20 years, first leading the development of Paint products, and was responsible for leading product development for titles such as The Sims, SimCity 3000, and The Sims Online.

Sessions from eComm2011: Emerging Communications Conference featuring Luc Barthelet: