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Matt Bramson

InPhonex, CMO

Matt Bramson, who manages global marketing and sales for InPhonex, has a passion for commercializing novel ideas. In his 20-year career, Matt has focused on taking groundbreaking technology products to market, using creative strategies and overcoming odds.

Fresh out of college, Matt helped build the first food irradiation company in the United
States (Food Technology Services). He later co-founded and led sales for an IVR
service bureau and interactive advertising venture, a division of VoiceFX, that let college students register for classes and receive grades by phone.

During a decade at XO Communications (formerly Nextlink), he established a national, enterprise-focused CLEC sales team. Working closely with Carl Icahn, he formed relationships that spawned successful introductions of SaaS and FMC services.

At InPhonex, Matt has repackaged offerings and moved upmarket to develop nontraditional partnerships and services, which have contributed to doubling of revenue in three years and are poised to fuel further growth.

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