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Rob Lewis

Telcentris, VP of Product Management

Rob Lewis, Telcentris' VP of Product Management, has more than 22 years experience in the high-tech industry, including positions in software development, hardware systems integration, marketing, and product management in both large and small organizations. Lewis oversees product strategy development for Telcentris' entire solution set, which addresses consumer, business and wholesale markets. Prior to Telcentris, Lewis has led the development of innovative products for major technology and entertainment brands such as Vivendi/Universal, Qualcomm, Silicon Graphics, as well as numerous high-profile startups. As VP of Business Development at Vivendi/Universal, Lewis worked closely with customers to define new products and services for the entertainment industry, analyzing market needs and requirements and executing a plan based on those requirements. While at Qualcomm, Lewis managed product lines in the location-based services and mobile advertising technologies arenas. At Silicon Graphics, Lewis leveraged his product management expertise to drive impactful marketing campaigns and resulting company growth.

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