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Christophe Ramstein

Immersion, CTO

As Chief Technology Officer at Immersion, Christophe Ramstein leads the company’s global research and development with a focus on haptic innovation, as well as the future of user experience and user value. Passionate about user experience and its virtually unlimited potential, Ramstein, with over 15 years experience in haptics and multimodal technology, promotes Haptics as the cornerstone of the next generation of user interfaces. During his tenure at Immersion, Ramstein has held several positions, including director of software development, vice president of Engineering, and senior vice president of Research and Engineering. Before joining Immersion in 2000, Ramstein co-founded Haptic Technologies Inc, a leading-edge award winning haptics company, and was also the chief architect. Prior to that, Ramstein was the senior scientist at Industry Canada and created innovative user interfaces for astronauts and the visually-impaired, investigating the use of non-visual modalities, learning schemes, and artificial neural networks. Ramstein is both an author and co-author of numerous haptic patents, as well as a number of papers on haptics and multimodal user interfaces. He holds a Master’s degree from the Institute Joseph Fourier as well as a PhD in Applied Mathematics for real-time physical modeling, simulation, gesture analysis, and composition for musical creation from the Polytechnic Institute in France.

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