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Ellen Dudley

CrowdScanner, Co-Founder

Ellen Dudley trained as a Biomedical Engineer and was eager to spend the recommended 8+ years working in a normal, everyday job in order to have enough “experience” to go it alone, until some random life happenings rudely interrupted her. Since then, she has been on a mission to live an interesting life, dabbling with coding, writing, designing, but most of all, hacking socialising.
She has co-founded two technology start-ups, most recently, CrowdScanner Faces, (,) which uses mobile devices to interact with a visual installation set up in a physical space, that increases the social potential of the space and the likelihood of interesting conversations happening. The algorithm driven application matches people based on similar interests/behaviours, and the data is visually represented as a soft layer of information that serves as a social object.
She has given talks at conferences from Boston, to Belfast, to Berlin, on topics including “Digital obesity”, “Does browsing the web ever make you feel like sh*t?” and “Designing electronics as social objects”, all for her love of designing and developing social objects that evoke so much curiosity that people naturally interact and have interesting conversations with one another, face to face.

Sessions from eComm2011: Emerging Communications Conference featuring Ellen Dudley: