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Italo Milanese

Telecom Italia, Project Manager

Italo is currently working in the group of Research & Trends of the Strategy & Innovation department of Telecom Italia.

Current activity is within the Open Innovation project for fastening and enabling the Innovation in Telecom Italia group through scouting innovative startups and setting up cooperation between TI and selected research centers and universities.

Digital Video Entertainment area (OTT TV, Multi Media applications, IPTV, innovative Value Added Services, Quadruple Play, multichannel advertising), Unified Communication & Collaboration (platforms, applications and new services), new generation applications leveraging on social networks are his current main area of interest.

Italo graduated in electronic engineering at the Politecnico of Turin in 1989 and joined TILAB, former CSELT, in 1990; after 10 years as researcher in the Operations and Support Systems and network management area, he leaded the support of Telecom Italia Group Venture Capital activities (technical due diligences). After a couple of years as responsible of thebusiness exploitation of the SIP projects in TILAB, he has been working in the Vendor and Process Management department of TILAB, focusin g on the new media activities and in the relationship between research and marketing activities. In 2008 and 2009 he was in Global Client Integration/Industrial Analysis group, working also in some overseas consultancies specifically about IPTV (Argentina, Indonesia, Cuba).

International activities have been performed for Eurescom in 1992-1994 (intelligent Networks management), for Motorola/Iridium Project (1993-1994), Telecom Argentina about Access Network Management (1997-1998) and IPTV (2007), and finally about IPTV for Etecsa Cuba (2009) and Telkom Indonesia (2008).

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