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Jim Raboin

Technology Inventor, Independent

Jim Raboin is visionary and an entrepreneur based in northern Minnesota. He
has been focusing his energy on providing safer, permission based, mobile
proximity triggered broadcasting solutions.  More specifically, he has
focused his attention on solving digital commerce and mobile security
threats by merging two ideas together:  user bio-authentication and
proximity based "peer to peer" direct broadcasting.  His patent pending
technology fuses a mobile phone‘s GPS, cloud and NFC capabilities with a
mobile user‘s own unique bio-characteristics.  It is the "Holy Grail" of
mobile commerce and likely the birth of intercloud.

Lack of user mobile security has been a ball and chain around the necks of
mobile advertising and mobile commerce that has suppressed ubiquitous mobile
user acceptance and participation.  Despite this, a driving force behind
mobile advertising and mobile commerce has been the fact that everybody is
looking at their cell phones all day long. Another driver is mobiles can
provide instant and convenient real-time access to information as people
move through the real world. These factors are creating tremendous market
potential that, up to now, has been directed without real focus or aim.
Users instinctively know there are many new dangers in the burgeoning NFC
arena and are held back by fear of loss, fear of being personally tracked 24/7
and fear of being burdened down by more unwanted junk communications.

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