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Szymon Slupik

Independent, Futurist/Researcher

Szymon spends most of the time thinking about future. Trying to imagine how the world will look like in five or ten years. Obviously not the entire world, just the part he is passionate about. Electronics. Telecommunications. Software. Mobility. Gadgets. He also makes a living out of that, as a consultant, collaborative researcher and as a private investor.

Szymon has a rich background. In 1991, with two friends, he set up a software company - CDN. It has grown from 3 to 300 employees since then. He wrote a good piece of software, which after 20 years since the inception, is still being sold today. Since 2005 Szymon has worked with major mobile network operators, introducing a number of innovative value added services, used by tens of millions of people. Today he is involved in several startups, poised to materialize his ideas. He is also an active investor in public companies with high potential and vision.

Everyday, he looks around and looks at people. What they do, what technologies they use. What makes them happy and what frustrates them. Trying to think what will make them happy and satisfied in a year. Or in five years. Casting these observations on technology progress, he tries to unveil the glimpses of the future. Trying to identify who has the potential today, to address the needs, which will be created in the future.

Szymon can be followed on his weekly updated blog at

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