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Telepathy by Machine - Fact or Fiction in 2025?

Rob Lewis, VP of Product Management, Telcentris

Date: Tuesday, June 28

Time: 4:35 - 4:50 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Concept & Futurism

We all have different communication preferences, whether dictated by gender, learning style, or personality. What if we could transform conversations beyond language to cater to how we and our counterparts are wired as individuals? 

We are already seeing technical indicators that communications technology is heading in this direction. Rob Lewis, VP of Product Management at Telcentris, developers of VoxOx, will discuss how the evolution of intelligence-based technologies will not only completely change the way people use any form of communication interface, but they will also change the depth of our interactions and conversations with others. 

The areas where we foresee rapid technological growth include: 

  • Communication of Intent - New technologies to enhance relationship building, particularly relevant for gender-specific communication styles: Rapport vs. Report 
  • Individual Learning Preferences - Tools that will adopt real-time modality and medium switching based on the person's learning style: Auditory vs. Visual vs. Emotional vs. Kinaesthetic
  • Behavioural Heuristics - Back-end platforms to assess an individual's expressions and actions to predict future behaviour and preferences 
Lewis will present an overview of the relevant technologies and technical foundation that exist today and provide examples of emerging technologies and brands that are already forging the way (from Google to Apple to VoxOx). He will address ways in which these emerging technologies will manifest themselves in new ways. For example, what will a video call be like in 2025? Will there be facial recognition technology that interprets emoticons in video to text? Or meta data that describes exactly what you're trying to say?  Or real-time text suggestions that impact how you speak with other parties? Lastly, he will discuss the concept of an emotional dashboard, which adds a new layer of logic in order to facilitate authentic brain- to- brain communication, translating our thoughts into something that is not foreign and is much less likely to be misinterpreted or misheard on the other end. 

"Machines will follow a path that mirrors the evolution of humans. Ultimately, however, self-aware, self-improving machines will evolve beyond humans' ability to control or even understand them." -RAY KURZWEIL, Scientific American, June 2010

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  • This is so great that I had to comment. Im usually just a lurker, taking in knowledge and nodding my head in quiet approval at the good stuff.....this required written props. Theory rocks...thanks.

  • Great tips you've provided

  • this is really interesting viewpoint on the subject i might add

  • carlos sims

    Dear Sir

    I will not say to much now but i need your help...I am a victim of a telepathy machine for years and need to know how to get off...Can someone please contact me asap...I will explain in detail when we talk

  • good luck today Rob! I'm excited to hear your presentation!

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