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Using Voice Calls As a Context

Chris Mairs, CTO/Chief Scientist, Thrutu/MetaSwitch

Date: Tuesday, June 28

Time: 12:05 - 12:20 PM

Location: Salon E

Category: Products & Services

Mobile phones have evolved into amazing mobile computing platforms, with the power of a mid-2000s desktop, a truly next generation UI and a whole panoply of sensors. That same device happens to be capable of making phone calls, but co-existence of these 2 roles in a single physical device is about the only level at which integration really exists. 

Voice is the most nuanced and powerful communications tool that humans possess, but the way we integrate it with new ways of communicating is currently stuck somewhere in the dark ages. Although it's theoretically possible to send rich content to someone you're talking to, the user experience is clunky and so prone to error we rarely even try to do it. This presentation looks at the reasons why this divide between telephony and other media exists, and how in the future, with products like Thrutu, voice conversations can become a natural context for extremely simple impulsive content sharing.

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