Expect valuable insights, new ideas, pioneers, early trends, nascent technologies, hot startups, new product launches, industry debates, future projections & emergent innovation opportunities yet to be seized.


Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm) is:

  1. an innovation community representing those creating the future of how humanity connects, communicates, coordinates and collaborates.
  2. a forum for the world's top communication technology innovators and strategists to meet, share and learn.

I've attended every eComm since the beginning. Every one has been invaluable in terms of new ideas and new contacts. There are business initiatives we have undertaken over the last three years that I can track back to specific eComm sessions and contacts I made at the conference.

- Gunjan Bhow (Plantronics)

It's grown from a handful of passionate people to the most highly regarded communications technology event attracting the best companies and individuals.


It's particularly apt because we're in the midst of a communications revolution which is putting trillions of dollars within the industry alone, how we relate to the world around us, and the connectedness of humanity all at stake.

At this critical juncture in telecommunications history, it is both within our power to dramatically alter the future of communications as well as our responsibility.

- Sascha Meinrath (New America Foundation)

Most people attend to be the first to learn of emerging uncontested spaces for innovation, to network with the best in the industry, to help fertilise new ideas against a unique interdisciplinary cross-industry backdrop and to witness the emergent future first.


Visionaries, thinkers, hackers, designers, executives, engineers and entrepreneur's come to debate, discuss, collaborate, inspire, advance and showcase the future of communications technology.

This was a conference of great minds. Even the people attending are working on more game changing work than the speakers at some of my other conferences.

- Michael Dusing (The Integer Group)


The show will take place in San Francisco, on October 22-24, 2014. Tickets are available with early bird pricing for those who register early. Group discounted hotel rooms are available for those who book early.

The audience size will be capped at 300-350. This is to preserve the delicate balance between breadth, networking and intimacy; allowing deeper engagement and more meaningful social networking opportunities.

Class of its own...There are too many conferences...this is a sabbatical to make you realize you need to step-on it to stay ahead of all these other smart folks.

- Todd Spraggins (Oracle)

Post-Event Media

Sponsors will have their talk videos distributed to a list of ~40,000 communications industry subscribers and placed in the public domain shortly after the event, including to ~10,000 podcast subscribers. All other talk videos will be put into the public domain (Creative Commons License) 4-12 months following the event.

It's like a TED conference for the telecom sector.

- Dave Aaldering (Breedband Arnhem)

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